One Credit Card Bonus /w Over $2,000 of Travel!

Perhaps the biggest news of the year (certainly the most buzz), is the brand new Chase Sapphire Reserve coming out today, and available now!

The card is giving a sign up bonus of 100,000 points (that can be used straight up for $1,500 of travel!), and it gives a ton of benefits.

Benefits include a yearly $300 towards travel (in addition to the $1,500 of travel as a signup bonus), lounge access (via Priority Pass), 3 points per dollar on travel, $100 toward Global Entry / TSA PreCheck, and more.

This is the most exciting credit card application we’ll do in a long while.

In your first year, that’s at least $2,100 worth of actual travel, and I’d argue the points are worth much much more.

This is targeted to be a high end card, similar to the Amex Platinum card. But I’m going to argue why it’s way better.

(Click here to find current offer details).


That’s the short description, now lets go into the long list of benefits.

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Updated: Complete Map of Marriott Rewards Hotels

Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Marriott Rewards program is one of the most popular, if not the most popular hotel rewards program. This is an up-to-date map of all their hotels by category, and all the Ritz Carlton hotels by tier.

As mentioned, given the importance of our Resource Page, and the Complete Map Page (check them out if you haven’t), I’ve been wanting to go through and keep everything up to date.

(Click in the top left corner to (un)check categories, & in the top right corner for full screen)

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Airbnb Your House – Get Paid To Travel!

If you are not listing your house on airbnb while you’re traveling, you’re leaving money on the table. Period.

This weekend (well, four days) we had a trip and dropped our price on airbnb, and made $737 while we were gone. The house would have been empty, and the flights were all on miles, and we made $737 for basically switching the sheets on the beds.

I feel like we’ve struck new gold.

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FlyingBlue Miles in the Pacific

Continuing my series on using Miles in the Pacific, I found a few gems when playing around with FlyingBlue searching for flights across the Pacific and within the Pacific.

The gems here are the unique partnership with AirCalin, and a few new boomerang pricing tricks.

And remember FlyingBlue is now a transfer partner of all the major banks that have good points earning credit cards. Chase UR points, Amex MR points, Citi TY points, and SPG points. You have a lot of earning options, and there are lots of burning options.

Check out Best Use of Flying Blue Miles, and How To Use FlyingBlue “Promo Awards” for other ideas on using FlyingBlue miles. This post will be about best uses for flights in the Pacific.

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Mega Stopover & Open-Jaw Tricks /w United Miles

Yesterday I went over all the United stopover tricks I’ve ever written about, but there’s one more discovery I’ve yet to share. And since the United stopover devaluation __ is coming soon, might as well reveal it all.

If you haven’t read my last post, All The United Stopover Tricks To Date, you should! That post will catch you up on all the tricks that predate this.

However, the big concept you need to know is that United currently allows 1 stopover and 2 open-jaws on a roundtrip.

This means you fly to Europe and stop in two cities. And adding an open-jaw on the return means that you could fly to Europe stopover in two cities, and instead of flying back home, you could fly to the Caribbean… or Hawaii…

Or perhaps… anywhere?

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