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Quick Tip On Using Alaska Miles For Delta Flights

This is a really short post about something that annoys me with Alaska miles.

Since 1) I’ve been getting large amounts of Alaska Miles (check out the Alaska 25k credit card) and 2) I don’t have status with any airline and always book last minute flights, Alaska miles have been great since they don’t have a close-in fee.

For some reason when you use Alaska Miles for Delta flights oneways are the same price as roundtrips.

Take for example a oneway domestic flight, say Dallas to New York, it would cost 25,000 miles for a oneway on Delta. Or it would cost 25,000 miles for a roundtrip.

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7 Best Places for Cheap Food In Sydney!

SydneyI normally don’t write food “reviews”, but this is mission critical. Sydney is a great place to eat, and I talk to other people who never escaped from the bar areas to find out.

(But again, don’t expect food to be a continuing trend. This, however, is a high value contribution.)

Pro tip: China town is great and cheap, while anything close to the Opera House is expensive and/or bad.


When we first went to Sydney in 2012, I think it cost me 1.4 US dollars to get 1 AUD. When we were last there, end of 2015, it was 0.7 USD to 1 AUD.

It is a great time to earn in USD, let me tell you folks! And it gets better…

What I learned the second time in Sydney, is that there are amazing Asian restaurants in Sydney, and you can find some super cheap food. Like under $3 cheap. We spent a little less than two weeks there this last time, and as someone who loves food, I was having the time of my life.

Not only is USD up, and not only did we find the cheap corners, we found some of the best food of my life.

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List Of Free/Cheap Food (from referral and signup bonuses)

Given that we have eaten out most of the time for the last 5 years, we’ve learned how to do it for cheap. Which is really easy, as most of the world is cheaper than the US.

While the US is more expensive, there are all kinds of sites, apps, and food programs to rake in the benefit of referral bonuses, and first user coupons. This is a list of things you can sign up for to get free food, or really discounted food.

We have tried nearly everything on this list of sites and apps. For many of the ones I actually use, I might have a referral code. Either way, I recommend trying out the bonus (if you find it a good deal), seeing how it works, then referring your friends and spouses so you can get the bonus.

Some bonuses and deals are better than others but I’ll try to explain how I went about getting the cheapest deals I could.

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Daily Getaways Is Starting!

I said, “I wish we had more Hertz points” and Carrie said, “when is Daily Getaways?”

So I just googled it and it starts tomorrow, Monday, April 4th! (Everyday the new deal is bookable at 1:00 pm ET). Check out the schedule here.


Before I go over the details, here’s my framework for whether or not it’s a good deal:

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Best Hotel Rewards Program [InfoGraphic]

We made an InfoGraphic a couple of years ago for the Best Hotel Rewards Program. But since it has been so popular and helpful to people, we wanted to redo the thing. Make it more complete and easier to understand.

First, will be the Best Hotel Rewards Program InfoGraphic, then a text version.


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