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Avianca LifeMiles Card enough for 4 Roundtrips to Latin America

Recently I saw on RapidTravelChai a link & code for an Avianca card with a 60,000 mile bonus… and a 50% discount on specific award redemptions (like to Colombia).

A 60k bonus AND a 50% discount on award seemed like a killer combo. Actually, any 50% discount on miles redemptions could potentially double the value of your miles.

So I decided to look into the details of the card, how the discounts work, and why you should want an Avianca card.

Essentially, this one credit card bonus and the $12k spend for the 50% off coupon, could give you four roundtrips US to Colombia! That’s a lot for one credit card bonus.

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Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Ninh-Binh-dragon-hike-2We decided to do a last minute day trip from Hanoi. Really last minute. Like at check out we decided to get an Uber.

Carrie found on Google Maps a weird town called Ninh Binh the day before.

Weird karst stone pillars and cliffs separated by flooded rice fields and rivers.

This post is about why this is such a cool day trip (or longer), why it’s super easy and cheap to do, and the “things to do” in Ninh Binh, Vietnam.

Also, if you missed the TravelisFree Instagram Stories we were posting live on the trip, we saved and posted the videos on Facebook – so here is our video of our 24 hours in Ninh Binh.

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Everything About the Southwest Companion Pass

It’s the time of year to talk about the Southwest companion pass, which may be the best airline benefit you can earn from credit cards. (See How Long The Southwest Companion Pass Lasted Us).

By earning it at the beginning of the year you can have free flying for almost two years.

If you earn 110,000 Southwest points within a calendar year, you get free flying for a companion through the next calendar. A companion will get to fly with you for free on any Southwest flight you take, whether it’s paid for with cash or points. And 110,000 Southwest points will last a long time!

This post will outline:

  • Earning the Southwest Companion Pass from Southwest credit cards
  • Alternative ways to earn the Companion Pass (going away soon)
  • How to use the Companion Pass

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5 Tips Before You Use Your British Airways Avios

Avios are likely the easiest frequent flyer miles to earn for free via credit cards, but BA doesn’t make it easy to understand their program.

They have 3 award charts, inconsistent pricing on fuel surcharges, and distance based pricing. In other words, you can pay wildly different prices for the same route.

I show how you can pay $128 for an AA flight from Dallas to Rome… or you can pay $320 for an AA flight from Dallas to Rome. I show you the tools and resources to get lower prices, and to hopefully make sense of it all.

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