Miles & Points Community Social Media Superlatives

Twitter, Instagram, blogs, Vine and more, who am I following? More importantly, who should you be following? I try to narrow down to a few but there are obviously a ton. I’ll be giving my “who to follow” list with a miles and points slant. Ultimately, I’m in this for the travel, but following miles and points people who travel is even closer to my interest. They might be hopping on a deal I might do later.

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Radisson Blu Budapest: The weirdest best deal


Back in January we visited the Radisson Blu Beke Budapest twice in the span of a week (with the IC Budapest in between for NYE). And even though there was only a day or two gap between the two stays, and despite having a lengthy conversation about the taxi scam, the guy at checkin acted as though he’d never seen me before.

Contrast that to the InterContinental we stayed at in between, where when I went down to check out the lady who checked me in said, “422?” to confirm our room number. She remembered my room number two days later at a giant hotel with hundreds of people. But at the Radisson he asks if I want a map- the same map he gave me 4 days ago.

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Cheapest Miles to India & the Middle East

India- Agra- Taj Mahal- 2This “Cheapest miles” series is a comprehensive series I’ve been doing on most every mileage program (and listing their transfer partners) in order to find the best prices. Here is a comprehensive chart where on the left you’ll find the frequent flyer program to use miles for, and the prices in miles for economy and business to the Middle East and India. All prices are roundtrip from the USA.

If you want to see the posts in this series so far, here are the other links:

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Complete Guide to Hyatt Rewards Chapter 2: Best Use of Hyatt Points

The Complete Guide to Hyatt Rewards


Chapter 2:
Redeeming Hyatt Rewards Points


Award nights start at 5,000 points a night and go up to 30,000 points. But it’s a great deal compared to most chains. 5,000 points for a low end reward is about as good as it gets. On the top end, there are only 8 Hyatt hotels worldwide that are category 7s and therefore the top-tier goes for 30,000 points a night. And the hotels that are in the top categories can be the kind of hotels that are $1,000 a night.

One thing to know about any award night is that there has to be award availability, which is almost always only for standard rooms. This is pretty easy to check on, as you can just check the box “Show Hyatt Gold Passport Points” when viewing the results for a search.

Hyatt award chart
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201 Course: Advanced Posts on Miles and Points

advanced postsTake your game to the next level – that’s a large focus for this blog. But this post is a heavy post with tons of concepts and reading material to help more advanced miles and points collectors learn even more besides just hearing about deals. There are many amazing deals out there you need to know about (like Flying Blue) and earning options out there that are available for you to choose the best option. I give an example where choosing a lesser known transfer can save 92% of your miles, and that is a huge difference. If you’re interested in taking your game to that next level, this is the post for you.

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Best Hotel Rewards Program [InfoGraphic]

Update: The InfoGraphic now reflects the details of the best rewards programs for 2015, including the T&L Top 500 hotels for 2015.

What makes the best hotel rewards program (or best hotel “loyalty” program) is made up of a combination of status perks and rewards. I.e. How many free nights you earn, how global the chain is, food, etc…

If you’re committing yourself to a hotel chain and their rewards program, you need to know exactly what you will get out of it, or what you could get out of it. This infographic compares all the hotel loyalty programs visually, and shows exactly which is the best program for your needs!

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Traveling and MSing $20k Cashback a Year

I’m a little behind this year at only about $2,000 in profit for 2015. But realizing how good of a thing it is, I decided to take it seriously and match my travel expenses this year in cashback.

While we went slightly over $20,000 in expenses 2014 for a year’s worth of travel – visiting 20 countries and living out of 4 and 5 star hotels – we are serious about staying under $20,000 this year. I’m a man with a plan. And as part of that plan I have switched my MSing entirely to cashback. This year I will try to earn in cashback rewards $20,000, which will cover all of our expenses for a year of full-time travel.

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AirAsia Flight Pass is Here! (The AirAsia Hopper)

Originally this deal got passed around as a kind of a pass with “unlimited” flying for 2 months. While it’s not exactly true, you can get as many as 20 flights in 2 months with this pass, a seriously good deal if you have the time and interest.

The “hopper” term, if you’re not familiar, is a series I do where I try to make crazy routes to see tons of places using few enough miles that you could fly the entire route from one credit card bonus. But this would be my first “hopper” post on a cash ticket.

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Complete Guide to Hyatt Gold Passport Rewards – Chapter 1: Earning Hyatt Rewards Points

The Complete Guide to Hyatt Rewards


Chapter 1: Earning Hyatt Rewards Points

Earning Hyatt Points via Credit Cards

Hyatt has a tight relationship with Chase

Hyatt is married to Chase. The only transfer option is from Chase Ultimate Rewards Points, and the Hyatt credit card is a Chase card. Thus these are the credit cards that can get you Hyatt points or free nights:

  • Hyatt Visa
  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Ink Plus (and Ink Bold)
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