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New Startup

The big announcement is that we’re starting a company (and no, it’s not travel related).

I promised that today I would share more about the business itself. This will be a very basic, high level view of the business, for those curious.


Saturday I gave a lengthy back story, and I mentioned saying that my desire was to be pursuing a business inline with our passions (reduce, reuse).

It began while sitting in the InterContinental Istanbul, waiting for our 11pm flight, and Carrie responded that she still felt like that business is a community equipment rental place…

Ever since graduating from art school (’08), Carrie realized she couldn’t practice learned skills like pottery, because no one she knows has a kiln, or even a pottery wheel.

This was now an annual conversation, and I always objected, usually because the unit economics aren’t great… but then added a random reason that would change our lives.

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Where we’ve been, and what’s next

There’s been confusion (and lots of rumors) about what we’re up to and what we’re not up to.

The big announcement is that we’re doing a startup, which I’ll talk more specifically about Monday. However I want to back up and explain a few things. Monday will be the announcement explaining what we’re doing, but I thought you deserved a personal preface- that’s what this post will be.

Where do I begin…

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THE Short Introduction Guide to Miles / Points & Credit Cards

I want to write the post that everyone should share with their completely beginner friends. This is that post.

My newbie friends recently got a ton of free flights and have been “singing the praises” of miles and points to their friends and family. But… their eyes glaze over as soon as they hear the details.

This is common. Get excited about an “easy” and “free” flight… and then feel overwhelmed about the work that has to go into it.

I’ve thought a lot about how to introduce people to the miles & points world without overwhelming them, and these are my sincerest thoughts…

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Drew’s Guide To Eastern Europe with Miles and Points

mostarThis is a packed post for all the info you need on getting free/cheap flights, free/cheap hotels, and figuring out where to go in Eastern Europe.

In this post I’ll go over the miles and discount airline options, the points hotel and consistent hotel deals, and my favorite places to go. But then I’ll go over 6 route ideas, detailing where to go, where to stay, and how to get around… basically planning a trip for you.

Although, you can use some of what you’ll learn about finding cheap flights to combine different regions.

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We have spent the majority of our marriage traveling full time, living out of hotels.   All the while, we list our expenses publicly, budgeting $25,000 a year for our nomadic life while still staying in mostly 4 or 5 star hotels across ~20 countries a year.
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