New United Stopover Tricks! (The Roundtrip Hack)

This post is about the tricks and crazy stopover routes that you can now do with United miles… thanks to their new changes.

Yesterday I talked about the New United Routing Rules. That was about how things price, why, and what you can and can’t do. I recommend reading it if you really want to understand the following tricks.

However, I think you’ll find this post way more interesting! It’s all about how to get a stopover on a oneway (sorta).

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The New United Stopover & Routing Rules

United Stopovers aren’t dead! Far from it!

On Oct 6 United switched stopover rules, and on paper, it seemed that all the tricks I’ve written about were dead. But every ending is a new beginning.

It is true that many of the United stopover and routing tricks I discovered over the years area dead. For example The Most Powerful Zone concept is completely dead. The United Stopover Routing Rules and United Stopover Secrets... all totally irrelevant.

However, I’ve been playing around with stopover tricks with the new system and while it’s disappointing to lose some gems, I’m totally excited to share my finds.

I’ll break up the findings into two posts. Today will be an overview, and tomorrow will be a specific trick to make stopovers with United even better.

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Complete Map of Hyatt Hotels

Updated: Oct 14, 2016

Here is the updated Hyatt GoldPassport Complete Map of all Hyatt property hotels sortable by category. Click Here to see the other Hotel Complete Maps (like SPG, Marriott, Hilton, etc…).

(Click in the top left corner to (un)check categories, & in the top right corner for full screen)

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Drew’s Guide to Albania (& Macedonia)

As I mentioned in my complete guide to Eastern Europe, there were 4 countries we hadn’t been to – Albania, Macedonia, Moldova and Belarus… and Kosovo (although the UN doesn’t recognize it as a country).

Before things started really moving at our new company, we planned a trip with a friend to travel around Albania and Macedonia.

As you may know we posted live videos to Instagram Stories, and I’ll be loading those onto the TravelisFree Youtube daily (see the Youtube Albania series playlist here) and Facebook. But I wanted to do a recap of our trip, and talk about some of the highlights and experiences of Albania and Macedonia.



I’ll first show some highlights, and then show specifics for each place we went.

  • Albania: Tirana, Shkoder, Theth, Sarande, Ksamil, Gjirokaster, Berat, Elbasan
  • Macedonia: Ohrid, Skopje
  • Kosovo: Prizren

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