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Roadtrip Suggestion: Bosnia & Herzegovina (plus Off-peak Croatia and Montenegro)

Bay of KotorTwo reasons you should take my advise and do this trip:

1) Our short visit to Montenegro and Bosnia & Herzegovina were some of my favorite travels. Highly under-rated travel destinations!

2) The car rental starting in Croatia was a heck of a deal! And one ways are the same price.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is unique and culturally rich, I think, above and beyond the rest of eastern Europe (with the exception of Bulgaria). It’s at the intersection of great empires, making it both multi-cultural and unfortunately the center of conflict in the 90s.

And while it’s obviously a great place to visit now, it still doesn’t have anywhere near the level of tourists you’ll see all over Croatia.

When you can do a oneway car rental for under $10 a day and visit so many different cultures so close together… It’s a no brainer vacation, no matter your interests.

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Our Self-Drive Safari in Kenya

Masai Mara elephant 1

Upon seeing a $211 mistake fare for a roundtrip to Kenya we and a few friends, flew to Nairobi, and rented a small 4×4 for a week, and drove out to Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru.

Now that we’ve finally made a video from our trip to Kenya a couple years ago, I realize I never posted about the fantastic safaris on the blog.

In this post I’ll talk about:

  • Safari Tips
  • Show pictures
  • Discuss where to stay / best areas etc…
  • More pictures

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Best Use Of JetAirways JP Miles & JetPrivilege Award Chart

In the past I’ve tried to explore other programs. Since Jet Airways’ JetPrivilege (aka JPMiles) is one of a few transfer partners of Citi, I decided to give a peek and remake their award chart so it’s easy to understand.

I see a few good uses that might be worthy of a Citi TY points transfer. I’ll list all of the best uses, then show the award chart, and then dive in deeper about each use.

In short, the three best uses I see are: flights to Hawaii for 15k/30k, flights to Caribbean and Central America for 10k/20k, and possibly the cheapest Citi TY transfer to fly Emirates First or Etihad First.

However… there are a lot of details around these deals as each depends on the region of the US you fly out of. For deals, details, and the JP Miles Award chart, dive in.

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A Hawaiian Airlines Card /w 50,000 Miles Link

A while ago I saw on FrequentMiler that you could find the Hawaiian Airlines 50,000 miles card by doing a dummy booking.

At the time I did the booking, found a link, saved it, and tweeted it out and found that others could access the same 50,000 miles card with the link I found.

Here it is.

I just wanted to post it here on the blog, because I noticed other people were saying they couldn’t find it now. Well, doesn’t matter, you can just use the link I copied.

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Travel Rewards Credit Cards