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Cheapest Miles To Africa

My “cheapest miles to…” series is simply an effort to find the cheapest frequent flyer miles to use when planning a trip to a specific region, and what credit cards are going to earn you those miles.

Here is the “cheapest miles to Africa” chart that shows the prices (for economy and business) and transfer partners (from bank points) for every relevant mileage program. Then I’ll talk about some details and best uses.

If you’re interested in a different region, check out the other posts in the series:

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How To Search Discount Airlines (and Tools)

We’ve taken flights from one island to another in SE Asia for as cheap as $10. We’ve taken a flight across multiple countries in Europe for $20.

There’s no doubt that discount airlines can be a huge way to save money on flights. It’s a good way to see multiple places, or fill in an open-jaw. We use them quite often.

Yet, if you just go to Expedia.com, you’ll never find these $10 flights. For whatever reason, most sites that sell tickets don’t actually search the discount airlines, especially with the sites we use in North America. But if you’re traveling to Asia or Europe, you may want some tips on which sites to use. Or perhaps you’re just looking for some new tools and sites to find cheap flights with in general.

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Complete Map of Hilton Hotels

I drug my feet on getting out the Complete map of Hilton HHonors hotels by category, but it should be up to date and higher quality. With light of 15 different credit cards earning Hilton HHonors points, I have a ton of Hilton HHonors points to spare. One interesting find is that the Virgin Atlantic card transfers 1:1.5 to Hilton points, and can earn you 140,000+ Hilton points from the bonus and spend.

If you’re interested in seeing a complete map of every other hotel check out the Complete Map Page.

(Click in the top left corner to (un)check categories, & in the top right corner for full screen)

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Full PointsBreak List for May 26 – July 31, 2015

Here is the full summer PointBreaks list for May 26 – July 31, 2015. But know that the full list isn’t actually bookable until May 26th. I’ll put the full list below plus the map.

PointBreaks is a list of hotels discounted to 5,000 points a night (normally 10,000 to 50,000 points). In a roundabout way you can buy the points for $35 although we do much better via promotions. If you want to learn more about the promotion read An Introduction to PointBreaks.

This list is really USA heavy and a little light elsewhere. But I would say it’s a very normal quality level of a list. Unfortunately, there’s only one InterContinental on the list.

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The BRG Experiments 2.0

After recently realizing that we need to spend $905 a month in order to stay within our $20,000 a year goal (while traveling full time and living out of 4/5 star hotels), I decided I need to up my game.

Most of you know about IHG’s best rate guarantee, and how we’ve stayed at a number of hotels completely for free. Not “kind of free, plus other costs”. And no place for someone to misuse the phrase half learned in economics 101 – “opportunity costs”. Just plain free. We’ve stayed at the InterContinental San Juan, IC Dusseldorf, IC Nairobi, and more. Actually we’ve stayed at the IC Budapest, and IC Vienna multiple times for free. $0.

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