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The REAL Details On The New Amtrak Card

Despite the terms and conditions for the BOA Amtrak card being really clear, I haven’t seen anyone mention how the new situation of transferring to hotel points will work.

Plus, there are some other new perks on the new Amtrak card that are interesting.

Combining some aspects of the Amtrak program and the new credit card, I realized there are some new cool uses of Amtrak points. This will take a little bit of setting up to explain the changes… but I assure you this will be an interesting read. Stick with me.

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47 Days of Hotels in Egypt for $0

We decided to take advantage of all the cheap points hotels in Egypt so we spent 47 days in different parts of Egypt.

That’s 264,000 hotel points that can be earned fairly easily by anyone. This post will go over the earning and burning of the points. I’ll do a post on all the hotels, and another post on the sites of Egypt later.

The idea here is to have $0 in hotel bills for each of our stays through out our nearly 6 weeks. It’s really the same idea of the other $0 Trips we did.

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Round-The-World On Discount Airlines

One day I started noticing how many cheap long haul flights there are.

Norwegian and WOWair opening flights from USA to Europe for $149. Air Asia was flying to Europe, which they stopped, but they still run flights from SE Asia to Australia for $100 or so.

Also, there are really cheap flights within Europe and Asia.

Then it dawned on me.

I bet I could put together a round-the-world ticket for the price of some international roundtrips. And so I did. I was able to piece together a string of flights to Europe, Asia, and Australia for $573. (And price them out with realistically combined dates).

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Making The Most Of The British Airways 100,000 Bonus

The British Airways 100,000 Avios card is back, after a two year hiatus. I want to discuss the details of the 100,000 bonus, and why I’m excited about it.

The exciting part I’ll discuss more, but in short, I came up with this “round the world” style route only using Avios that I could do with this bonus. And the 100,000 bonus used to be a thing year after year. After a long time of waiting, I assumed it was gone… and now here it is.

So let’s start with the details of the card.

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How Long Did The Southwest Companion Pass Last Us?

It’s been 1 year since we got the Southwest Companion Pass, and most of our points are gone. So in honor of the 50,000 point card being back, and using up over 100,000 Southwest points in the last year, I figured I’d talk about what we did with the Soutwest Companion Pass.

I should mention that timing the Southwest Companion Pass could be important. If you can get it at the beginning of a year, you can get it for a near full two years.

In order to get the Companion Pass, you have to “earn” 110,000 Southwest points in a calendar year. It’s totally easy if you get both the personal and business credit card when the bonus is at 50,000 points. You’re usually at 106,000 after the spend requirement, and doing $4,000 more on the card in a year isn’t that hard.

Once you do that, every flight you book (in cash or points) can have a companion added for free (well, taxes are $5.60 domestically). It is amazing. Basically all your Southwest flights are 2-for-1 for as much as two years – and Southwest flights are already pretty cheap.

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