How to Redeem Big with Asia Miles

Asia Miles is a transfer partner of Citi, Amex, and SPG 1:1, they have a decent award chart, and yet, there is very little information about them. And why not?! They have awesome redemptions available. And oh yea, they allow 4 stopovers!

Like any foreign airline, fuel surcharges can be an issue. But heck, that’s like nearly every airline nowadays.

This post will give the basics of the program, how to avoid fuel surcharges, and scoring big redemptions.

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The Complete Guide to IHG Rewards

The Complete Guide to IHG Rewards

An Introduction to IHG


In terms of free nights, IHG Rewards is perhaps the best hotel rewards program around. In the last year we have spent 133 nights in IHG properties, and spent an average of $32 a night on hotels. If that’s not reason enough to pay attention to this guide… I’m not sure what is.

This guide will start out going over our specific stays- dollars and points on every IHG hotel stays we’ve done in the last year. Then we’ll break down the concepts and tactics.

This is what you’ll read about and learn in this complete guide:

  • Our stats
  • Overview of IHG properties
  • How to earn IHG points
  • How to earn big with promotions
  • How to redeem award nights or cancel award nights
  • The details of IHG’s different status programs
  • How to BRG an IHG
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    The Future of Miles and Points

    Once there is a proven formula, the formula becomes broken.

    This is true for airlines, blogs, miles and many other things. That’s because when everyone knows the magic formula, the formula stops working. It’s somehow bland and worthless, less novel, or spread too thin.

    It’s why big public things will die, and why there will always be miles and points collectors doing crazy things. Why people will always innovate.

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    Why We Flew First Class

    Now I’m not a fire and brimstone blogger, but I’ll try to justify why my First Class splurge was a great opportunity. Which I wouldn’t have to do if I hadn’t spent so much time saying why I don’t fly first class. See, in general, I value seeing more and spending less. But I wanted to explain the thought process behind booking this ticket and explaining a scenario when I actually would want first class.


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    Tallest Hotels in the World [Infographic]

    Technically there are two ways to define the “tallest hotel in the world.” The better way is by what floors the hotel’s rooms are actually on. That’s what this infographic is about. The dumber way would be to define “tallest hotel” by the tallest point on the building the hotel is in. So, if there’s a needle on the building that goes really high, even if the hotel is on floors 1-20, somehow that hotel would be dubbed the tallest hotel. This is an infographic of the highest hotels, or the tallest hotels by a reasonable definition.

    In other words, this is a an infographic of hotels where the rooms are really freaking high. Plus, this will tell you which ones can be had for free on points.
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    3 Years Blogging!

    The truth is, I don’t know exactly when I started blogging at travelisfree, but I do know that I registered and moved to (instead of a blog) on July, 11th. So we’ll go ahead and say it’s 3 years of!

    3 years ago, the site had no direction and now we’re forging our own original direction that we’ve slowly been stepping into. So please follow me for a one minute rant as I want to set up what I’ve done and what I need to know from you!

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