How To Get Free Travel With Car/RV Relocation

I've recently been intrigued by the idea of car/RV rental relocation as a way to get cheap (or even free) trips.

That's right. You can get a rental of an RV with beds and your gas reimbursed for free (or $1 a day) for simply relocating the vehicle. Your only expense on such a trip would be airfare, food, and possibly paying for an RV campground night.

And while you can't choose just any route, there seems to be popular routes for vacationing and RVing. For example Salt Lake City to Vegas or LA... Which could be an amazing RV...

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Best Use of Virgin Atlantic Miles [by Partner]

Like Alaska miles, Virgin Atlantic Flying Club has a unique set of mileage redemptions that varies by partner, some of which are amazing deals.

In truth, I made a note to look into their partners after OneMileAtAtime booked and posted about a first class flight on ANA for 120,000 miles... Which ended up being only 92,500 Amex MR points (due to a transfer bonus). An amazing first class deal.

But there are lots of great deals that are even better with a 30% bonus. With a 30% bonus, a oneway to New Zealand for 30,000 miles...

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Master List Of Airlines To Bid On Business Class Upgrades

Many airlines offer last minute upgrades as an auction / bidding system, and some offer them on sale at check in, or on the app.

Below I made a list of 37 airlines (in alphabetical order) with their paid upgrade policies, and links to how to either check if you're eligible, bid, or see an explanation of the rules.

Most of these airlines are using the same system for upgrade bidding, but all with slightly different terms.

First, I'll explain a little bit about the differences of the upgrade bids that airlines generally have, and the other variations for paid...

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