Cheapest Miles To Hawaii

Continuing my reborn "cheapest miles" series is the cheapest miles to Hawaii post where I'll list all the best airline miles deals to Hawaii, and break down some of the best options.

There are tons of great Hawaii deals! There are 11,500 mile flights to Hawaii from the majority of the country, 27,500 business class awards (if you're willing to get a BOA card), and technically 22,500 mile business class flights on Korean.

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Why To Consider Chasing Copa Airline’s Status

Copa Airlines has a tight relationship with United (partnership? part ownership?) and has cloned a lot of United's program, like its award chart.

I realized that Copa upgrades work on United airlines, which made me look into the rewards program further.

With 6 global upgrades and 6 regional upgrades that work on United (as well as complimentary upgrades on Copa), the Copa PreferProgram becomes an interesting choice for status-chasers in the US.

The other benefit of Copa's status over United, is that it doesn't require $15,000 in spend to get the global upgrades. And, it requires less miles to get...

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All-Inclusive Hotels Using Points

Redone: June 3, 2019

As someone obsessed with free things and food, you'd think I'd love all-inclusives that are bookable with points...

I've become disgruntled by the hit-miss experience (mostly miss). In fact it's my love of food that has me avoiding cheap all-inclusives at all cost. I can't last two meals at most all-inclusives.

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Most Valuable Hyatt Hotel Redemptions [A Data-Driven Look]

I put together a list of the cash rate for each Hyatt hotel (and partners) to find the Hyatt hotels' best points to cash value, the most expensive Hyatt hotels, best category 4 Hyatts (for the free night) and the average points rate.

This ended up being especially valuable to me since I was unfamiliar with many of the SLH hotels Hyatt added for booking, as now I can see the rates and values for every hotel.


The process was to find the lowest best flexible rate for each hotel. Then to get the value...

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