Cheapest Miles To: Europe

I'm resurrecting a series I used to do where the concept is pretty simple: I list frequent flyer mile prices and then discuss details and deals for getting to different regions.

If you want to start getting into credit card miles or have a bunch of bank points, where do you start? Or if you're simply interested in hearing about the best deals to a region, this is the series for you!

Let's start by dissecting the cheapest miles to Europe!

What are the best airline award charts to Europe in general? What are some mileage discounts and constant promos...

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After recently creating the Delta Miles and the Delta Miles Calculator, I realized that there's one piece of information I have unpublished that might be useful.

The Delta Miles Calculator will show a list of cities in order of price. This gives you ideas of where you could cheaply fly to from your home airport. After all, there are many 5,000 mile routes (792, to be exact).

However, some of these deals, international deals in particular, are so good that it might be worth driving a little further than normal, or even worth a positioning flight...

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Map of Travel Destination Ideas

This is fulfilling my idea of a map where you can look at a country or area and instantly see great travel recommendations. I think this is so useful for anyone planning travel, that we will eventually put it on the Resource page.

As part of this, I'm including my new project to create a map of curated travel recommendations.

Currently, the other filters, which provide the majority of destinations, are 1) all the National Parks in the world, and 2) all the Unesco World Heritage Sites.

I'll start by just showing the map, and explaining...

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A Data-Driven Look: The Best IHG Hotel Redemption Values

While I do enjoy writing comprehensive "Best Use" posts where I dig in and look for deals, I also love data... This post is more of the second.

My "Data-Driven" posts are posts from unique data we've gathered.

Recently, I got curious what a database would look like with every IHG hotel's lowest rate and points price. Then I could divide the cash price by the points price and get the highest ROI hotels. I did that, and this post is about my findings.

I'll give the hotels with the highest rewards values overall, per category, show a map with...

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