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This is a pretty straight forwards continuation of my "Cheapest Miles To..." series, where I make charts for the cheapest miles to get to a region. All the prices are from North America, and in this case the prices are to Australia and Oceania, which includes basically all the islands in the Pacific (besides Hawaii).

The first chart includes region based prices to Australia/Oceania, then I'll give a few distance based. After, I'll talk about the differences between some of the prices, and talk about routes, which is a serious limitation for availability.

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My "cheapest miles to..." series is simply an effort to find the cheapest frequent flyer miles to use when planning a trip to a specific region, and what credit cards are going to earn you those miles.

Here is the "cheapest miles to Africa" chart that shows the prices (for economy and business) and transfer partners (from bank points) for every relevant mileage program. Then I'll talk about some details and best uses.

If you're interested in a different region, check out the other posts in the series:

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DSC_2814Earlier I did a Best/Cheapest Frequent Flyer Miles to Use to Hawaii and people seemed to enjoy it. And if there's something that Americans seem to like better than Hawaii, it's Europe. So here's the cheapest frequent flyer miles to get to Europe.

Not only do I feel like the display of the prices and transfers is better, but there is definately more value in this post as I show a few tricks with specific routes on miles, or discounts. There are more discount awards available than you think. Lufthansa's 50% off awards,...

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Everyone wants to know the cheapest miles to get to Hawaii. Doing the usual, I decided to make a chart of airline prices to Hawaii. This will show how many miles it takes to get to Hawaii on each airline, and which credit cards will get these miles. Then we'll talk about the details.

Hawaii is not only a highly desired destination, it's "domestic" in terms of fuel surcharges. Meaning; there are no fuel surcharges for flights to Hawaii. Plus, the prices are reasonable.

Prices in miles shown for roundtrips.

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