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The (only?) Delta SkyMiles Award Chart

Just as we made a tool, the Delta Miles Calculator, we now put together an award chart for international flights.

People seem to be confused about the difference, so let me explain why they are so different.

The Delta SkyMiles Calculator is for domestic flights because every domestic flight has a different pricing tier. Know that we show the bottom tier, and it may be gone – similar to “standard” and “saver” awards with other airlines, but our goal is to show the cheapest flights.

Since there are so many domestic destinations from any airport, we have a tool that spits out a list from the airport you search.

Now, the Delta SkyMiles Award Chart (bel0w) shows international flights, because the prices (still tiered) are still by region. So a flight from Chicago to Puerto Rico, is the same as Seattle to Aruba. (Although the low tier availability with Delta can be very hit miss).

Note that the award chart was made by our program running lots of searches on Since some partners don’t show up online the routing may have been weird and it may have effected the prices. (So let me know if you find any contrary examples).

None the less, this is the first international Delta award chart as searchable on

For domestic flights, again, please check out the Delta SkyMiles Calculator.

Here’s the Delta Award Chart (click to expand):

Delta SkyMiles Award Chart

We will update and add this award chart to the Master List of Airline Award Charts.

Thanks, and let me know if it was helpful, or if you have any comments.

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  1. very cool! thanks!
    any sweet spots in your opinion?

  2. Wow! This is amazing. Thanks for your hard work.

  3. Thank you so much!

  4. Not frequently (ever) available, but the price from North America to the Pacific (or at least Australia) appears to still be 95k, contrary to the 175k referenced in the chart. Found one seat on May 17, 2017.

  5. This is a great resource, and I will use it frequently. Wish Delta would do something this simple…I spent better part of a week finding what I thought were saver level awards to/from US to Hawaii @65k each way that I could feed to Korean Air or Air France agent. I thought your 40k business one way was an error, but it turns out that I had only struggled to find the low level award (level 2/5) instead of the non-existent saver level for business.

  6. The number for business between the US and South Asia (guessing that’s India) is incorrect. The price was never 80K. It used to be 70K and is now 97.5K (another stealth devaluation).

  7. Thanks. Just what I needed.

    • Drew’s chart is incorrect for the N. America – Pacific region pairing in business class.

    • I suspect it’s also incorrect for Hawaii-Pacific. I doubt that it’s really 40k more than the already ludicrous NA-Pacific price. You’d be better off (assuming you could find the flights) flying to Mexico and then on to Australia.

  8. I fly out of MSP and I find it hard to get a price to FCO or ATH next summer that isn’t 250,000-330,000 miles R/T.

  9. The cheapest North America – Southern South America is 62.500 miles in Business, via MEX (partner flights, AM)

  10. Are these miles for one-way or RT?

    • I am looking for the lowest delta sky miles for a family of 6 to travel R/T
      from Atlanta to Hawaii. Any help would be appreciated

  11. Are the miles quotes for Delta awards one-way or round trip for international travel? Thanks for responding!


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