You could have free Marriott Platinum Status tomorrow!

All the time I hear people complain about Marriott and how impossible earning Platinum status is… they must not listen! They don’t really have a status match, much better, they have a challenge. Someone who’s never stayed at a hotel a day in their life could call and be Platinum for 90 days and complete and keep the status if they stay 18 nights in the 90 days (or whatever the challenge- you get it).

Better yet, the 90 day trial starts at the end of the month you started the trial. So if you start Jan 7th, you’ll be platinum all the way though April – in my experience. Simply call and ask to do the Taste of Platinum challenge! That’s it. You’ll be Plat starting the following day.

Marriott is very rewarding if you know how: Read How to Earn Free Nights With Marriott. To summarize -use the refer-a-friend bonus to get yourself and the account that referred you, 2,000 points per stay each. Then do a Platinum Challenge which will give you 50% more bonus points as well as lounge access and better upgrades. Then register for the Megabonus.

I can’t figure out why Marriott isn’t the most rewarding program of the major chains right now. Very sorry to say this but, Hyatt and SPG promos have sucked lately. Meanwhile Marriott is always offering a free night at a category 4 for every 2 stays you have. It’s really not bad if you can use a category 1-4 cert. I’ve stayed at the Courtyard Hong Kong, Renaissance Bangkok, Renaissance Saigon and the Guam Marriott Resort from these certs. Great uses of these certs as executive lounges in Asia are awesome. Each time we are Platinum members on the challenge, but the hotel doesn’t know the difference. I also can’t help but notice that the JW Marriott in Kuala Lumpur, Bejing, Hanoi, Quito, Caracas, Cairo and Ankara are all on this list. It seems any of these hotels are worth 2 nights at a cheaper hotel. Still, that’s from one promotion and you still earn points at the normal rate.

Renaissance BangkokDon’t get me wrong, I’d never transfer points 1:1 to Marriott over Hyatt or SPG but it’s currently a better rewards program for free nights and for ease of top-tier status.

Let me break it down. 4 months of the year I’m a Platinum member solely from the challenge and my wife is Platinum a different four months. 8 months of the year we’re Platinum for doing nothing more than calling.

One more thing: Durring the challenge, log onto Marriott and send a replacement card showing your Platinum status. Scan it and do a status match with Priority Club to Platinum; Club Carlson to Gold; Accor to Platinum; Hilton to Gold and possibly Hyatt to Platinum. Free Marriott Platinum Status turns into free status with everyone.

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13 Responses to You could have free Marriott Platinum Status tomorrow!

  1. Tamara says:

    Great post. I usually have Platinum status through work stays, but very good to know. I’m a big fan of Marriott, and their rewards program, and I too have been hearing some serious complaints recently about other programs. Marriott hasn’t let me down yet. Favorite use of all those accrued points: using them outside the US! They go a long way, and service tends to be top-notch.

  2. Thanks. Yea I agree. Hotels in the states are just not at the same level. Especially when you just came back from Asia. :-p

  3. Eric says:

    Can this challenge be done only once? Or can you do it every year?

  4. Steve - Free Miles Traveler says:

    Thanks for this awesome tip. — enjoyed Platinum status on my recent mileage run to the new JW Marriott Marquis in Dubai all due to you… Thanks so much!

    • Travel Is Free says:

      Sweet! That’s good to hear. And I imagine it paid off at the JW in Dubai wish a nice lounge, no? I tend to like JW lounges.

  5. Matthew says:

    I just called and got the challenge platinum status for an upcoming trip to a JW Marriott on the east coast and I am very excited. I am going to bring my wife and oldest child along so the platinum privileges will be well used and appreciated. What a great web site! By the way, the current challenge is 9 STAYS in the three plus months, not 18 nights.

    • Travel Is Free says:

      Thanks Matthew! Enjoy the lounge (if they have one). And thanks for charing the challenge update.
      I thought that they only changed it to 9 stays at the very end of the year but apparently I was wrong.

  6. Brittany says:

    I just called to do the Platinum Challenge, and they told me I didn’t qualify. They said I didn’t have enough account history and put me on a Gold Challenge instead, 6 stays puts me at gold. I just started travelling a lot this year, so I only have 25 nights on my account so far.

  7. StatusSeeker says:

    Only asked if I had an upcoming stay booked (I did). Told I would be Platinum tomorrow and stay 9 separate times to meet the challenge. Also told that new Platinum cards are backed up 4-5 weeks. Now, I can get matched on United MileagePlus Premier Silver ( before my flight next week.

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