The Great Pacific Trip: Asiana Airlines Business Class and Lounge

When comparing Asiana Airlines to airlines back home it’s night and day. Compared to the other flights on this trip, it was the norm. Rather, in Asia this high level of business class is the standard. The main difference between Asian airlines and others from back home might be that they treat you like royalty. On good western airlines (like Air New Zealand) the staff are like very good waiters at fancy restaurants and on most US airlines you’re just some dude on a plane. On an Asian airline, they kneel by your side and know your name. “Mr. TravelisFree, may I help you with your seat?” and all that jazz.


On Asiana Airlines the seats were very comfortable for a day flight (I didn’t sleep on this flight). Seats were wider and more comfy than most, the food was way better than most and the service was incredible. In fact, the service is exceptional. Both Asiana Airlines and Singapore Airlines had the best staff. Always smiling and pretending they enjoy you. This is key actually, as you don’t want to feel like a bum for asking for another drink. Smiling disarms that fear of being a pest.  “Oh, I guess I should have more since she really enjoys serving drinks.”

Another thing that does stand out is the business class lounge. A very high class feel. Although I wasn’t in the lounge too long and didn’t shower. Again, a high class standard but the best was yet to come.


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