Asia Miles Award Charts & Routing Rules

Once again, I realized that there was no published Asia Miles partner award chart (which is different than the OneWorld Multi-Carrier Award Chart), and so I decided to make and quick publish the Asia Miles Partner Award Chart, alongside the Cathay and OneWorld Multi-Carrier.

Plus, I'll briefly communicate routing/stopover rules for each award chart.

Asia Miles is a transfer partner of Amex MR, Citi TY points, and Cap 1 (at 1,000:750).

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British Airways Avios: Award Efficiency Rating

"Drew, what in the world is an award efficiency rating, and how does British Airways Avios have one? Did you just make this up?"

Yes, I did. But get used to it! Because I'm going to be doing posts with efficiency ratings more often!

And not just British Airways Avios, but for many programs. In fact, I got the idea working on an upcoming JAL post.

So this post is really just to introduce the concept of an "award efficiency rating".

Let me explain what it is, and what cool things you can discover from it (using Avios)...

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