Devil’s Advocate Unmasked and Podcasted [TIF Ep 7]

Julian Kheel, the artist formerly known as "The Devil's Advocate", joins the podcast this week.

Greg, the artist still know as "The Frequent Miler", also joins, which is extra interesting because The Devil's Advocate wrote "Bet You Didn't Know" on Frequent Miler until he quit to take an offer at TPG... which we discuss.

Mostly I facilitate a debate between Julian's mileage running and Greg's MSing $500,000 a year for Delta Status (for him and his wife).

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Why Amex MR Is Best & LifeMiles Loopholes [Ep 6 of TIF Podcast]

Nick Reyes of Frequent Miler joins the podcast this week. And substituting for Dave as co-host is Greg, THE Frequent Miler.

Right away Nick comes out saying why American Express MR points are better than Chase UR points. I actually think it's an easy sell, since Amex has way more partners and Chase only has a few mediocre ones that Amex does not.

The amazing and most interesting part to me, was Nick talking about Avianca LifeMiles loop holes. In short, there are a lot of strange pricings that are much much lower than the award...

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