How to Tell the Difference Between Planes [Infographic]

We fly so much that one day I decided to look around at the planes and also check out the back of the in-flight magazine until I could tell the difference between the big planes. The big planes were super easy and I picked up some more tricks on telling the difference between planes.

Here is a visual guide to telling the difference between planes, as an infographic. But if you're the reading type, I wrote out in length the details below. Once you know these tricks, you too will be plane-spotting like a pro.

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UPDATE: This is now dead! Sorry.

Target and American Express have come out with a card similar to the Amex Bluebird, but the big difference is that you can load $5,000 a month with a credit card for free. You also have the ability to billpay credit cards and withdraw money for free as well. This is a free $5,000 a month spend. But here's the process for loading the card.

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Technically there are two ways to define the "tallest hotel in the world." The better way is by what floors the hotel's rooms are actually on. That's what this infographic is about. The dumber way would be to define "tallest hotel" by the tallest point on the building the hotel is in. So, if there's a needle on the building that goes really high, even if the hotel is on floors 1-20, somehow that hotel would be dubbed the tallest hotel. This is an infographic of the highest hotels, or the tallest hotels by a reasonable definition.

In other...

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