We’ve decided to make it a routine to stay at a big name hotel our first night off a flight in a brand new city. It’s nice to pick out the word Hyatt or Marriott from the crowd of drivers and hop in and go. No figuring out the bus system or being overwhelmed with where to stay or how to get there.  We’ve done it that way too a few times.

The Bali Hyatt is a category one Hyatt, which means that it can be redeemed for the small fare of 5,000 points. Hyatt’s redemption prices make Hyatt a...

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Okay. For real. I'm glad to be in Hong Kong. Internet in China was sketchy at best. The government blocked news, blogs, facebook, etc... So I'll be doing some recapping of my trip.

On the 23 of Dec my good friend Seth flew out to join us and to see a little bit of Asia. All Seth talked about on skype was the second tallest building in world, the Shanghai World Financial Center. While reading his lonely planet details to us he mentioned the world's tallest hotel. The luxurious Park Hyatt Shanghai located from floors 79 - 93. We decided...

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