8 Non-US Based Sweet Routes

Almost all of my posts have a disclaimer about all prices being from North America or the US. For example, my Cheapest Miles To... series is a chart of mileage prices to a region from the US. Very few exceptions.

However, there are many cool opportunities out there to go from one region to another with miles and at very great prices. Obviously you can use your miles to travel on partners not within the US, but I want to talk about great redemptions that have nothing to do with North America, for a change.

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People have two huge misconceptions of how to travel the world for free. 1) Free travel means camping, hitchhiking, couchsurfing, and living like a homeless hippy. 2) The only way to earn frequent flyer miles is by flying. Let me blow your mind for a second if you believed either one of those things. Completely free travel is possible.

I'm 27 and broke and yet my wife and I have been all around the world... multiple times. We've flown in suites with beds and have stayed in many of the nicest hotels in the world, including the...

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Best Use of Hertz Points

Hertz by far has the best rewards program for car rentals. Mostly they are the best program in upgrades for elites and definitely the best program for actually using the points that you earn. This will be a detailed overview on using Hertz points and best uses of Hertz points.

Most of the time I try to do an earning section in my best use posts, but simply put, the best earning opportunities have been with the yearly DailyGetaway sales. In this last one you could buy 13,200 points for $428 dollars. (There were other package options too). Wait until you find out the interesting...

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Last week Club Carlson completely changed the award prices for many hotels and got rid of the free night benefit from the credit card (RIP). This post is about finding the sweet spots in Club Carlson going forward. While we have lost a great benefit, Club Carlson remains a great program for frugal travelers.

Also, I want people to know I have now updated the Complete Map of Club Carlson Hotels to reflect the new prices. This map has every Club Carlson hotel sorted by their new categories.

Let me quick go over earning and then spend most of the time talking...

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