One day I started noticing how many cheap long haul flights there are.

Norwegian and WOWair opening flights from USA to Europe for $149. Air Asia was flying to Europe, which they stopped, but they still run flights from SE Asia to Australia for $100 or so.

Also, there are really cheap flights within Europe and Asia.

Then it dawned on me.

I bet I could put together a round-the-world ticket for the price of some international roundtrips. And so I did. I was able to piece together a string of flights to Europe, Asia, and Australia for $573. (And price them...

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It's been 1 year since we got the Southwest Companion Pass, and most of our points are gone. So in honor of the 50,000 point card being back, and using up over 100,000 Southwest points in the last year, I figured I'd talk about what we did with the Soutwest Companion Pass.

I should mention that timing the Southwest Companion Pass could be important. If you can get it at the beginning of a year, you can get it for a near full two years.

In order to get the Companion Pass, you have to "earn" 110,000 Southwest points in...

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I try to make things I don't see elsewhere, and hotels make terrible benefit charts. You have to weed through so much junk.

For example, Club Carlson lists "free award nights" (as if anyone else charges for them),  or "points & cash". These aren't things that help me understand why I want status, they are just minor details of the program. Like Marriott's page lists dozens of things, including "Member Exclusive Offers", "Your preferences remembered", "Promotion Central". These are meaningless things that just make the site harder to use, and harder to find the meaningful info.

The other thing is that these benefit charts don't list alternative ways...

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Kotor MontenegroI'm pretty excited about the Balkans right now and the ex-Yugoslavia countries, so much so that I decided to split the July post into two, July Expenses, and this one, July Travels.

Seriously, I love the Balkans, and I love love love Bosnia and Herzegovina. Right now I'm thinking about how I can possibly convince my friends to do a road trip and camping trip next July across Bosnia, Montenegro, and Albania.

July was mostly in ex-Yugoslavia, which is the part I'll focus on entirely (I've been to Budapest many times before and written...

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