India- Varanasi- Ceremony- 2Farflung travel makes up some of the most memorable travels I've ever experienced. Now I'm into all kinds of free travel, and all kinds of travel. Relaxing on a beach is kind of my ideal day. But in terms of ideal travel, most of the time my most desired destinations are farflung.

By "farflung" I mean a place very far from where we're from in terms of experience. That's my kick. Even going to northern Bali you can see strange festivals that are about as culturally different as you can...

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Alaska Miles are not only super easy to earn, they are also some of the most valuable miles around. Some of the cheapest international flights (like 20k to Europe) and some of most luxurious flights (Emirates First Class with showers) can all be had with Alaska miles. From economy to First class the redemptions are the cheapest, and it's one of the few airlines left allowing stopovers on oneways.

Seriously my love for Alaska is ever growing. On our latest AA business class mistake fare to Beijing, I chose to credit all my miles to Alaska instead...

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One of my favorite things about frequent flyer miles (besides the saving money part) is that airlines often allow stopovers at no extra costs. Revenue tickets will change the price if you stop somewhere for more than 24 hours, but with miles you can often add an extra stop for free.

I therefore spend a lot of time talking about stopovers; it's the ability to see two places instead of one. But unfortunately, I have spent little time explaining how to actually book them.

This post will take you from how many stopovers you'll be allowed, all the way to how to use the online multiple-destination search to book...

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Lufthansa is incredibly interesting in some areas and incredibly touchy in others. For example Lufthansa allows two stopovers, which is a huge bonus, but they have huge fuel surcharges on many of their partners. My advice is to learn about both sides of Lufthansa in order to use your miles just for the incredible benefits - like booking cheap international tickets with 2 stopovers and without fuel surcharges.

This post will start with the basics (pricing, routings rules, fuel surcharges), and then go into some best uses and incredible "hopper" type deals.

Luckily I started this post a few days ago, and am...

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