American Airlines AAdvantage Miles in the Pacific

First in my series on using miles to cross the Pacific, and getting to the South Pacific, is using AA miles.

As you'll see, there are tons of options for using AA miles on partners to get many places in the Pacific, and there are tons of Qantas flights going direct from a few US hubs and to a few cities in Australia.

Plus, using AA miles within the Pacific is a great deal - again with lots of routes - and made better with discounts, like 5k flights within Fiji.

AA miles are definitely the best...

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Finding flights across the Pacific can be hard, especially direct to Australia/New Zealand or to Polynesian Islands.

This turned into an extensive series on finding award flights to the South Pacific, best prices, lesser known partners, stopovers, and a few pricing oddities.

This post and series will go mileage by mileage program, showing a map of routes for each airline partner. At a glance it should help give routing ideas, but I'll also break down best options for each program.

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Drew’s Guide To Eastern Europe with Miles and Points

mostarThis is a packed post for all the info you need on getting free/cheap flights, free/cheap hotels, and figuring out where to go in Eastern Europe.

In this post I'll go over the miles and discount airline options, the points hotel and consistent hotel deals, and my favorite places to go. But then I'll go over 6 route ideas, detailing where to go, where to stay, and how to get around... basically planning a trip for you.

Although, you can use some of what you'll learn about finding cheap flights to combine different regions.

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Nearly every popular article on how to find cheap flights ends up being stupid, common sense, and/or contains untrue details.

When non-points collectors have asked me how to find cheap flights for their upcoming trip, I'll often just point to a flight aggregator like Kayak or Hipmunk.

However, it seems that I'm able to find incredible flight deals more often than ever. Some are mistake fares, often they are not. But I want to talk about how I find amazingly cheap flights.

(Will be similar to the post on 6 Ways To Get "Amazing" Hotels.

But let me quickly say...

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