After recently creating the Delta Miles and the Delta Miles Calculator, I realized that there's one piece of information I have unpublished that might be useful.

The Delta Miles Calculator will show a list of cities in order of price. This gives you ideas of where you could cheaply fly to from your home airport. After all, there are many 5,000 mile routes (792, to be exact).

However, some of these deals, international deals in particular, are so good that it might be worth driving a little further than normal, or even worth a positioning flight...

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Announcing The New Delta SkyMiles Calculator

While we just launched the Delta Miles Award Chart, that's mostly for international and SkyTeam flights. We found flights to most regions, like China, are consistently the same price. Thus we can make an accurate(ish) award chart.

However, domestic flights are dynamically priced, and therefore flights from your home airport to different US cities will have drastically different flights. Actually, we discovered flights to all of Mexico, the Caribbean and Central America also have differently priced (dynamic) flights.

Therefore, you need our calculator to find the cheapest flights from your airport to all of North America, Central America, and...

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The [Only] Delta SkyMiles Award Chart

Delta officially says they don't have an award chart, but after doing tons of searches, we found very consistent pricing to the majority of regions. There are a few variations I'll mention below the award chart, but I think it's important to visualize award charts so you can find the good deals... That's why I make these.

And part of this process is a very sweet added bonus: we'll also be updating the Delta Miles Calculator very soon, which will be more interesting than ever.

In short, while their international and partner awards have a ton of pricing consistency, all their North American flights...

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