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The New Best Use Of AA miles (why you don’t need the explorer chart)

2014-05-20_18-40-13The AA Explorer Award chart is dead, so we'll make our own stopovers, and sometimes at prices better than the Explorer Award chart!

On some routes, it's a bummer. And the fact that they were unlimited stopovers is incredible, but most people can't use unlimited stopovers. So you may find that this post makes the dead explorer award chart irrelevant, as there are routes that you can piece together for the same price.

First I'll go over some basics, some commonly accepted good uses, and then move into some advanced...

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Us Airways is now officially merging with American Airlines. And for the most part any changes to the final frequent flyer program are speculation.

Who’s award chart will they have? Will there be a devaluation? What will the routing rules be? Really… no one knows. I’m sure even the airlines are still figuring this out.

However, there have indeed been a few dates and plans made. Here is how it generally goes down:

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