Cheapest Miles to East Asia

So far I’ve done Cheapest Miles to Hawaii, and Cheapest Miles to Europe. And what this is, is a chart comparing all the airline miles prices back to back to show you the best options. In this case I’ll be doing a chart of the best miles from North America...

Cheapest Miles To Get To Europe

Earlier I did a Best/Cheapest Frequent Flyer Miles to Use to Hawaii and people seemed to enjoy it. And if there’s something that Americans seem to like better than Hawaii, it’s Europe. So here’s the cheapest frequent flyer miles to get to Europe. Not...

Cheapest Ways to Get to Hawaii Using Miles

Everyone wants to know the cheapest miles to get to Hawaii. Doing the usual, I decided to make a chart of airline prices to Hawaii. This will show how many miles it takes to get to Hawaii on each airline, and which credit cards will get these miles. Then we’ll...
We have spent the majority of our marriage traveling full time, living out of hotels.   All the while, we list our expenses publicly, budgeting $25,000 a year for our nomadic life while still staying in mostly 4 or 5 star hotels across ~20 countries a year.
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