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Our 9 Favorite Points Hotels of 2014

The end of the year is near and we’ve actually already been to a lot of the hotels we have scheduled from now until the end of the year (IC Warsaw, IC Vienna, IC Budapest, etc…) and so I might as well get this yearly tradition out of the way and share some...

Hotel Award Best Uses (or “Sweet Spots”)

Continuing the theme of “sweet spots” (as I did with Best Airline Mile Sweet Spots) I wanted to do a similar thing with hotels. I’ve talked about a lot of these before, but many aren’t obvious. When you get Marriott points or SPG points, you...

4 Months’ Expenses in Asia

Without a doubt, anyone can have a free 2 week vacation. Easy. In fact, writing a post on how travel IS free, I got two reactions (well, before and after). Many people have said that travel is never free (which I ignore). And many people have essentially said,...

Which Hotel Loyalty Program Should I Choose?

If you had to pick a hotel chain to start giving your money, there are a number of chains you could give your loyalty to. Each of them have pros and cons and here is exactly what I would say about each of the hotel loyalty programs. Hyatt Gold Passport All around one...

8 Tips For Lucky And Full Time Hotel Living

We’ve been married for nearly 3 years and two of those years have been spent as full time travelers, nomads, vagabonds, gypsies, full time hotel livers, semi-homeless, whatever you want to call it. Recently I did a post on Best Photos From 2 Years of Travel....

What Booking Hundreds of Hotels Has Taught Me

Earlier I posted 74 pictures from our last two years of travel, and I gave some stats on how we’ve done 63 international flights paid for with miles. But I didn’t mention hotels. Luckily, I also keep track of all of our hotel visits and thus can say that...
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