About Drew Macomber

Drew bora boraCaroline and I got married in 2011 and, curious about the world, we’ve been traveling ever since.

We made it a personal goal to 1) travel the world spending less than $25,000 a year, while staying in 4/5 start hotels on points (we spend less than $600 a month on hotels).

And 2) post all of our expenses publicaly, and be transparent about exactly how we’re doing this.

The very breif summary of the site is that we try to earn frequent flyer miles and hotel points via credit card sign up bonuses, promotions and deals… then we try to use those points to see as many places as possible.

We’ve gotten over 200,000 miles from a single credit card bonus (although that’s unusually high), and I used 40,000 points a person to fly the two of us, family and a friend to see Santiago, Chile; Easter Island; Peru; and New York. These were all “stopovers”. We know all the rules for earning, but this blog is mostly about how to use miles to do really cool things… like stop in multiple places… or live out of hotels.

Us in Easter Island

If you want to read about our personal story, check out our Full-Story of How we got to be Full-Time “Travel Hackers”. I talk about falling in love, being broke, and starting a travel blog.

It sums us up our life pretty well.

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Caroline – Who everyone calls “Carrie”, is the kindest person on earth. It’s her super power to be endlessly empathetic and forever kind. She actually believes that being kind (always) is the most important thing in life.

So obviously I married her, like right after we started dating. 😀

When we started dating I had already took off traveling, so I was spending money, not earning it. This led me to miles & points.

We started getting miles earning credit cards. At the time we got multiple credit cards that gave 100,000 miles for signing up. Which was awesome.

But also, at the time you could buy one dollar coins from the US Mint for $1. Or order 1,000 coins for $1,000 and free shipping. Plus we’d get a bonus, and plus, as I explain in the other post, we could go through a cashback portal and get 5% cash back.

Yes, we’d earn miles and make cash from ordering these coins, that we’d then deposit at the bank. And yes, we probably looked crazy.

We earned millions of miles in a short amount of time, and then bought a oneway ticket to Wuhan, China. It’s been a lot of travel since then.

Drew Tahiti

We are incredibly lucky

We’ve been to all 6 inhabited continents multiple times, and a ton of islands (including Bora Bora, Fiji, Cooke Islands, Guam, Saipan, Aruba, Jamaica, etc…).

We’ve used miles for first class flights that would normally cost $18,000+.

We’ve also been lucky enough to sleep on the couches of locals, share meals with locals, see over 60 countries, snorkel with sharks and eels, hike with a panther in the Andes, hitchhike on 5 continents (6 if you including picking up hitch-hikers in Africa), floated down the nile, did a self-drive safari in Maasai Mara (and South Africa and Namibia), hiked the Grand Canyon, swam in a heated infinity pool while overlooking the snowy alps, and much more.

Our hope is that this site enables and encourages others to venture out and see that the world is full of good people.

We have spent the majority of our marriage traveling full time, living out of hotels.   All the while, we list our expenses publicly, budgeting $25,000 a year for our nomadic life while still staying in mostly 4 or 5 star hotels across ~20 countries a year.
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