List Of Cheapest Delta Miles Flights (<5,500 miles)

Yesterday we shared a new tool we made, the Delta Miles Calculator – which (currently) shows all the cheapest domestic flights in miles.

Using that data I sorted the cheapest 220 flights to share them (although, the list is redundant since a route is listed both directions, separately).

Also, here are two maps that show the cheapest routes.


List of Cheapest Delta Miles Flights

Starting airport (in the first Column) is in alphabetical order by airport code.

Well, sort of. It’s in alphabetical order for the first 52 that cost 5,000, and then for the next almost 200 that cost 5,500.

Oh yeah, and remember to check out the Delta Miles Calculator (and bookmark our Resource page.

ATL MDW 5,000
ATL ORD 5,000
BOI SEA 5,000
BWI RDU 5,000
DCA RDU 5,000
DEN SEA 5,000
EWR RDU 5,000
GEG SEA 5,000
IAD RDU 5,000
JFK RDU 5,000
LAS SJC 5,000
LAS SEA 5,000
LAX SEA 5,000
LGA RDU 5,000
MCO RDU 5,000
MDW ATL 5,000
MDW MSP 5,000
MKE MSP 5,000
MSP ORD 5,000
MSP MDW 5,000
MSP MKE 5,000
ORD ATL 5,000
ORD MSP 5,000
PDX SEA 5,000
PHX SEA 5,000
PSC SEA 5,000
RDU MCO 5,000
RDU BWI 5,000
RDU JFK 5,000
RDU EWR 5,000
RDU LGA 5,000
RDU DCA 5,000
RDU IAD 5,000
SEA DEN 5,000
SEA SFO 5,000
SEA SJC 5,000
SEA SNA 5,000
SEA PHX 5,000
SEA LAX 5,000
SEA SMF 5,000
SEA BOI 5,000
SEA LAS 5,000
SEA PDX 5,000
SEA PSC 5,000
SEA GEG 5,000
SFO SEA 5,000
SJC LAS 5,000
SJC SEA 5,000
SJC SLC 5,000
SLC SJC 5,000
SMF SEA 5,000
SNA SEA 5,000
COS SFO 5,500
COS SMF 5,500
COS TUS 5,500
COS LGB 5,500
COS PHX 5,500
COS SJC 5,500
COS LAX 5,500
COS ONT 5,500
COS PSP 5,500
COS OAK 5,500
COS SNA 5,500
COS SAN 5,500
COS LAS 5,500
COS RNO 5,500
COS SLC 5,500
DEN PSP 5,500
DEN TUS 5,500
DEN LAX 5,500
DEN ONT 5,500
DEN SAN 5,500
DEN OAK 5,500
DEN PHX 5,500
DEN SNA 5,500
DEN SFO 5,500
DEN LGB 5,500
DEN SJC 5,500
DEN SMF 5,500
DEN RNO 5,500
DEN LAS 5,500
DEN SLC 5,500
LAS SMF 5,500
LAS LAX 5,500
LAS TUS 5,500
LAS DEN 5,500
LAS SNA 5,500
LAS COS 5,500
LAS PHX 5,500
LAS SAN 5,500
LAS SFO 5,500
LAS OAK 5,500
LAS RNO 5,500
LAS SLC 5,500
LAX TUS 5,500
LAX SAN 5,500
LAX PHX 5,500
LAX SJC 5,500
LAX OAK 5,500
LAX DEN 5,500
LAX SMF 5,500
LAX SFO 5,500
LAX COS 5,500
LAX RNO 5,500
LAX LAS 5,500
LAX SLC 5,500
LGB OAK 5,500
LGB COS 5,500
LGB SFO 5,500
LGB TUS 5,500
LGB DEN 5,500
LGB SJC 5,500
LGB RNO 5,500
LGB SLC 5,500
OAK TUS 5,500
OAK PHX 5,500
OAK LAX 5,500
OAK LGB 5,500
OAK COS 5,500
OAK DEN 5,500
OAK SAN 5,500
OAK LAS 5,500
OAK SLC 5,500
ONT COS 5,500
ONT SJC 5,500
ONT DEN 5,500
ONT RNO 5,500
ONT SLC 5,500
PHX SMF 5,500
PHX SAN 5,500
PHX SJC 5,500
PHX COS 5,500
PHX LAX 5,500
PHX OAK 5,500
PHX DEN 5,500
PHX SFO 5,500
PHX LAS 5,500
PHX RNO 5,500
PHX SLC 5,500
PSP DEN 5,500
PSP COS 5,500
PSP SMF 5,500
PSP SFO 5,500
PSP RNO 5,500
PSP SLC 5,500
RNO PSP 5,500
RNO ONT 5,500
RNO LGB 5,500
RNO COS 5,500
RNO SAN 5,500
RNO LAX 5,500
RNO PHX 5,500
RNO TUS 5,500
RNO SNA 5,500
RNO DEN 5,500
RNO LAS 5,500
RNO SLC 5,500
SAN TUS 5,500
SAN LAX 5,500
SAN PHX 5,500
SAN SJC 5,500
SAN SMF 5,500
SAN COS 5,500
SAN SFO 5,500
SAN OAK 5,500
SAN DEN 5,500
SAN RNO 5,500
SAN LAS 5,500
SAN SLC 5,500
SFO LGB 5,500
SFO TUS 5,500
SFO PHX 5,500
SFO COS 5,500
SFO SAN 5,500
SFO DEN 5,500
SFO LAX 5,500
SFO SLC 5,500
SFO LAS 5,500
SJC PHX 5,500
SJC ONT 5,500
SJC COS 5,500
SJC LAX 5,500
SJC DEN 5,500
SJC SAN 5,500
SJC LGB 5,500
SJC TUS 5,500
SLC TUS 5,500
SLC PHX 5,500
SLC LAX 5,500
SLC SAN 5,500
SLC SMF 5,500
SLC OAK 5,500
SLC COS 5,500
SLC PSP 5,500
SLC ONT 5,500
SLC DEN 5,500
SLC SFO 5,500
SLC LGB 5,500
SLC SNA 5,500
SLC LAS 5,500
SLC RNO 5,500
SMF TUS 5,500
SMF PSP 5,500
SMF PHX 5,500
SMF SAN 5,500
SMF LAX 5,500
SMF COS 5,500
SMF DEN 5,500
SMF LAS 5,500
SMF SLC 5,500
SNA COS 5,500
SNA TUS 5,500
SNA DEN 5,500
SNA RNO 5,500
SNA LAS 5,500
SNA SLC 5,500
TUS LAX 5,500
TUS LGB 5,500
TUS COS 5,500
TUS SMF 5,500
TUS SAN 5,500
TUS DEN 5,500
TUS SFO 5,500
TUS OAK 5,500
TUS SJC 5,500
TUS SNA 5,500
TUS RNO 5,500
TUS LAS 5,500
TUS SLC 5,500

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  1. Now it would be useful to say how much those seats are if you were to spend real dollars. In my limited research all of those seats are $40-$60. If I use my Thank you points, or any other flexible currency UR/AX I would get those same flights for 3-4k.

    It may look like a deal but its not. Days when the prices are more expensive are 10k+ miles :(
    What a bunch of crooks

    • Won’t argue re crooks, but no, not all of those seats. Check SEA-SAN at 7,000 miles that normally go for $130. I’d say that 1.8X for a Skypeso is not that bad. Now, if you can do better with another airline and flexible currency, that’s another story.

  2. But they only price low like that when the $$$ price is low, too…

  3. Any Chance you will have this for business/first class awards? Love the tool! Thanks!

  4. And I had resigned myself to the idea that delta miles had no real value! This seems to indicate otherwise! Thanks for all your time.

  5. Living in Colorado Springs, this is amazing. Flights that would run $380-$450 for 11,000 points is a lifesaver. Saves me from having to drive up to Denver to catch Southwest flights.

  6. What about ABQ?

  7. As someone who as lived in Atlanta for 31 years, I am getting disgusted with the way our hometown airline treats us. The chart shows proof. And looking at all of the emails I get everyday showing all of the airline deals just makes me want to rant about how bad Delta is to their Atlanta base. Thank goodness I have been branching out to airlines that are at least trying to get my business!

  8. I just did some trial searches SJC-SEA. As usual, Delta is being disingenuous. I couldn’t find any 5000 mile flights with less than 21 days advance purchase. Delta advertises “no close in booking fee”, but the extra miles they charge if you book less than 21 days in advance are worth far more than the close-in booking fees charged by other airlines. (But using DL miles to book AS close-in can be a good deal.)

  9. Because of your recent posts I decided to go for the Delta card (I FINALLY got approved for the AmEx gold and knew you could pair it with a credit card on same day for one pull, since I was pre-approved for those two only figured it was go). This info will hopefully give me some good use of the miles until I cancel that card in a year…haha.

  10. I love your site (content, layout, graphics, everything). Is there a reason that AVL doesn’t work with the calculator? (Not that there are ever cheap flights to/from there anyways)

  11. Your calculator does not appear to be working anymore. There are no flights out of SLC for under 11k.


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