Introducing: Delta Miles Calculator

We’re working on a Delta Miles Calculator. <— Please book mark that page!

So far the tool shows you all the cheapest domestic flights possible. So you type in SEA, and it shows you the cheapest possible flights from Seattle.

Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 12.55.35 PM

Because the problem is that Delta does not publish an award chart, and the only way to know all the cheapest flights is to search them.

If you want to find the cheapest flights from your city, check out the Delta Miles Calculator. And give me feedback!


We’ll update the tool, so let us know if anything is missing.

Also, we will be adding it to the Resource page (tonight).

Which means one of these will get bumped out/down.

Which means one of these will get bumped out/down.

Again, click to the Delta Miles Calculator, and then come back here to give feedback.

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  1. Excellent. As someone who lives near a Delta hub, this is fantastic.

    • Great! Hope it gives some ideas. :-)

  2. Great tool. Could I make a couple of suggestions? The layout is OK on mobile but could be a bit better: the airport box spreads beyond the edge of the screen. Could you make the table sortable by destination?

    Thanks for the great work on your blog.

    • Thanks for the feedback!

      Carrie just tweaked mobile, I think it should be better.

      Sortable is a good idea! I’ll ask Carrie nicely. 😀

  3. Wouldn’t international be pretty easy to include as well, at least direct on delta medal? I’m looking at Slc as my hub.

  4. Can you add the option to select class of service?

  5. Will you be calculating first and business class also?

  6. This is awesome! Thanks Drew! Your content over the last 3 weeks has been more valuable than 90% of ALL other travel blogs COMBINED for the ENTIRE YEAR!

  7. Any chance you can include dates for the results?

  8. Yaytime. Such a useful tool! I have been getting random delta miles from things and being that chase seems like they will never approve me I’m looking at alternative options for flights than things like UA or SW or UR points.

  9. why this publish as 12500 for smf to tys but it cost alot more?

  10. Leslie, it appears that the lowest prices reported in the data are what fares start out at. Closer-in dates and reduced inventory might be the factors that start driving north the number of miles needed. I used JFK-AUS 5/23 10k min vs same route 2/20 17.5-20k min. Although I’ve not yet flown with a Delta award booking I can see this being very useful in spending my SkyMiles.

  11. A good use of Delta miles??? I never thought I’d see that.

  12. How do you find those rates? I don’t generally collect Delta SkyMiles, but I have 13,000 sitting in my account waiting for use.

    I can’t find those rates out of YVR or SEA at all.


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