Complete Map of Starwood (SPG) Hotels

Updated: Oct 10, 2016

Here is the Complete Map of Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) Hotels. Check the other Complete Maps Here, which we’ve been updating.

(Click in the top right corner for full screen)

Standard SPG Award Nights:

  • Category 1 = 3,000 points
    (2,000 on weekends)
  • Category 2 = 4,000 points
    (3,000 on weekends)
  • Category 3 = 7,000 points
  • Category 4 = 10,000 points
  • Category 5 = 12,000 – 16,000 points
  • Category 6 = 20,000 – 25,000 points
  • Category 7 = 30,000 – 35,000 points

SPG Cash & Points

  • Category 1 = 1,500 points + $30
  • Category 2 = 2,000 points + $35
  • Category 3 = 3,500 points + $55
  • Category 4 = 5,000 points + $75
  • Category 5 = 6,000 points + $110
  • Category 6 = 10,000 points + $180
  • Category 7 = 15,000 points + $275

The key is on the left, and when you click on a category, you can highlight all the hotels in that category. It should be accurate down to the exact location.

The idea is that if you’re looking for hotels in a region, along a route, along the water, or you just want to blow points at the cheapest or most expensive hotel… here it is.

While Starwood has some very high end and expensive hotels, 2,000 points for a weekend night at a category 1 is unbeatable. That being said… it’s unbeatable because it’s not comparable to other programs. Instead of earning 10 – 20 points per dollar starting out, you earn 2 points per dollar. But when the right promo hits, SPG can have some great redemptions.

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  1. Using it right now! Thanks.

    • Great.

  2. Great resource!

    Do note that there appears to be a issue with some Panama hotels.

    • Like wrong hotels?

  3. Have I mentioned I love you?

    • lol, not yet, but I do appreciated it. 😀

  4. These maps are AWESOME! So very helpful and I’m sure they were very tedious to make!

    I’m sending all my credit card apps through you for awhile to say thanks!

    • hah, awesome. Glad you enjoy it, and there’s more to come! and obviously, thanks much for the support and comments!

  5. The SPG card will be in my “app-o-rama” in the future, but I’m currently loyal to Hilton because they have more hotels world wide! I think next year when Amex offers the 30k SPG points is when I’ll apply.

  6. This is incredible, but some of the property point values are incorrect. The “all villa” or “all suite” properties that are 2-3X normal rates are still listed as having the regular category value.

    For instance, if St. Regis Bora Bora were ever 30-35k points, I’d probably move in for a month. It’s over 100k per night, which is obviously ridiculous…

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  8. Hi Drew,
    I’ve been a big fan of your blog and lifestyle choices for a while now. I usually use to look for hotels by brand in an area I’m visiting but I love the flexibility to filter by category to make sure I’m maximizing category limited free nights. To that end, I was just using your map to evaluate my options for visiting Phoenix, AZ and it looks like the Phonecian (a category 5 starwood property) doesn’t appear on your map. Is that just an oversite or is there a reason you left it off?

  9. Hi–Love the maps–keep them coming. PS there are two SPG hotels at DTW.

  10. Hey Drew, just a heads up that there seems to be an issue with some pins being overlapped and hidden. Looking at Munich for example there are at least 2 hotels missing, and I think they are just all mapped on exactly the same spot and therefore only one is visible. But aside from that, this is really a great starting point for award planning. Thanks!!

  11. Love this. Thank you for the information!

  12. Fantastic map(s) Drew! Just a slight edit on Le Méridien Re-Ndama in Libreville, Gabon (the city and country are inverted). These maps are priceless for my trip planning!

  13. Thanks so much for updating this. Though, it’s all going to change when the Marriott merger goes through. Hope you get some time to do the IHG map next, I think it was mainly the Hilton one which had a lot of changes since you originally made it but you got that out of the way first :p

    p.s., the link to here from needs to be updated.

  14. Drew, Your maps are invaluable. I found this one Hotel Lone, Rovinj, A Member Of Design Hotels™ Cat 5.

  15. Thank you so much for putting these maps together. I’ve used the Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, and IHG maps tonight and they are immensely helpful. Thank you.

  16. This is so helpful. Thank you!

  17. Great map! You can add: Adelaide Hotel – Toronto (soon to be St Regis).


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