Updated: Complete Map of Marriott Rewards Hotels

Updated: Aug 18, 2016

Marriott Rewards program is one of the most popular, if not the most popular hotel rewards program. This is an up-to-date map of all their hotels by category, and all the Ritz Carlton hotels by tier.

As mentioned, given the importance of our Resource Page, and the Complete Map Page (check them out if you haven’t), I’ve been wanting to go through and keep everything up to date.

(Click in the top left corner to (un)check categories, & in the top right corner for full screen)

Marriott includes Ritz Carlton, which has a different pricing system than the other Marriott hotel brands.  Also, there is sometimes a sale for award prices called PointSavers. Very few hotels are on the list, but it may explain an occasional variation from the points price listed above.

Marriott Award Nights:

  • Category 1 = 7,500 points
  • Category 2 = 10,000 points
  • Category 3 = 15,000 points
  • Category 4 = 20,000 points
  • Category 5 = 25,000
  • Category 6 = 30,000
  • Category 7 = 35,000
  • Category 8 = 40,000
  • Category 9 = 45,000

Ritz Carlton Award Nights:

  • Tier 1 = 30,000 points
  • Tier 2 = 40,000 points
  • Tier 3 = 50,00 points
  • Tier 4 = 60,000 points
  • Tier 5 = 70,000 points

The key is on the left, and when you click on a category, you can highlight all the hotels in that category. But if you uncheck the box, the hotel no longer shows up. So you can only view category 1 hotels or only view Ritz Carlton hotels.

If you have a category 5 cert, try only searching for hotels that are category 1 through 5, buy unchecking the others.

I hope this comes in handy soon.

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  1. I ve been reading blogs for almost two years and not once I ever ran across any blogs about Marriott point savers sale.. why is that ?

  2. This is not a workable map. No zoom feature. Totally useless. To get to zoom feature you have to pull up the map which messes up the feature. Nice thought but complete waste as not useable. Your tech savvy friend is not very savvy. Nice idea if put together right.

    • Mike, the map works fine. Rather than your crappy response to someone providing things like this to you for free, try other browsers, try the trackball on your mouse, try keys on keyboard associated with zooming. Drew, thanks for things like this, crazy useful.

    • Go get a new computer, Mike.

    • Mike, shut up, Where are your manners? You are in time out. I’m guessing that you are a miserable man trapped in a miserable marriage. Your fat wife bosses you and your 3 red headed, freckled face, lazy kids life miserable……. or do you have short man syndrome?????? This blog is the best written blog on the web and you know it. I just bet (if you try hard enough) your SAVVY brain can tell your SAVVY fingers to type nice things or better yet type nothing at all.

    • Mike, obviously you don’t know how to use the wonderful app called Google Maps. Try this: (1) click on the square brackets in the upper-right corner of the map. This will open the entire map on your screen. (2) Click and hold your left-mouse button to drag the map around so the area you’re interested in is right in the center. (3) Use the +/- control in the lower right corner to magnify the area in the center of your screen so the hotel “pins” are individually shown. (4) Click on one for the details. (5) Write an apology here to Drew for your thoughtless, arrogant, inacccurate comment which only shows you to be an irritating pimple on the backside of society.

    • Correction to Point (3): the +/- control isn’t there so you have to use your mouse wheel to magnify the map.

  3. The map is working perfectly fine for me. Thanks for the resource.

  4. Thanks! Works great!

  5. Trackball… classic!

    You’re missing Scrub Island in the British Virgin Islands!

  6. I have no idea how you do these but they are very cool. I never liked Marriott, for the record…how dare they ban porn! :-)

  7. I’ve saved all your maps and refer to them often. There’s a new JW in Santo Domingo & a Fiarfield Inn Los Cabos. Both are very cheap using points IMO.

  8. @travelisfree
    pretty similar to award mapper?

  9. Mike is an idiot. The map works great. Thank you.

  10. Please add the Marriott Georgetown in Guyana (as it’s the only of your hotel maps that has a property in Guyana, too). Thanks for this awesome resource, Drew!

    Location: Block Alpha, Battery Road, Kingston Georgetown, Guyana
    Info: Fitness Center, Pool, Downtown Location
    Category: 2 (10k/night)

  11. I’m planning a trip to Europe over Thanksgiving and I’ve been using the snot out of these maps. Drew your site has some of the best travel resources on the web. Many thanks and safe travels.

  12. Hi!

    I like your map very much! Can I use your maps (all the Hotels maps) in my blog? Of course I will give a special thank to you and a link to your corresponding webpage.

  13. Drew, thanks so much for this. It is immensely helpful.

    One question, though. Does this map layer automatically pull MR categories for each property from, or does it require manual updates? The reason I’m asking is that I noticed that some hotels are showing up in Cat 5, whereas MR lists them (now?) as a Cat 6. In particular, I am looking to use my credit card Cat 1-5 cert in the California SFO/Bay area, but the Residence Inn SFO San Mateo is showing as 6.

    Thanks again,

  14. This is so very helpful. When I am on the Marriott site looking for a hotel in a particular state, it does NOT show all their hotels. Yet if I know of one and put in the name, it will show up. So this map is the best!

  15. Is this map updateable? Did the most recent devaluation for Marriott Categories make it in…or is this as it was back in 2014??

    Thanks in advance for any answer.

    I was getting ready to make my own map…of Cat-1 hotels for a 2-week, 2K mile roadtrip planned for the fall!

  16. Drew

    This map is awesome! I just got approved for the 80,000 bonus Marriott card and plan to spend the points on 5 days in March of 2017. You have just saved me so much time picking a hotel in Phoenix, the Marriott site is good but a little frustrating in map view.

  17. Dillon- absolutely LOVE this map. It is the single best tool out there for figuring out where you can use hotel points. Do you know if this map has been updated to reflect 2017 tier changes?

  18. Courtyard Novato Marin/Sonoma is incorrect as it’s now a Category 6. Thanks!

  19. There is a new hotel opened in FIJI

  20. Drew, Thank you for this awesome tool! You do a great job on this website!

  21. Drew,

    Do you happen to have the data of which hotels offer shuttle service? or is their a certain category that it is required at and others that have an option and a certain category that does not offer it?


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