Complete Guide to Hyatt Rewards Chapter 3: Explaining Hyatt Status

The Complete Guide to Hyatt Rewards

Chapter 3:
Explaining Hyatt Status


It’s hard to argue that Hyatt doesn’t have one of the best status systems. Great tangible benefits, like guaranteed upgrade certs, and yet their top tier status is one of the lowest requirements for nights/stays to earn the status. If you’re going for a top tier status, seriously consider the program.

In addition to the standard “status” that you start out at, Hyatt Gold Passport has two more status levels. The first status level after 5 stays or 15 nights is Platinum status. Platinum status is really easy to get and isn’t too rewarding. But the next level is Diamond status, which is the top tier status – and the golden goose.

What we’ll talk about:

  • Earning
  • Benefits
  • Status Matching
  • Earning Status

    Like most hotel chains you can earn status via nights or stays, whichever comes first. If you have a 2 night stay at a hotel, it will count as 2 nights and 1 stay. However, if you switched hotels, or had a gap in the stay where you stayed somewhere else, it would be 2 nights and also 2 different stays.

    How to earn status:

  • Hyatt Gold Passport Membership – Signing up
  • Platinum Membership – 5 stays or 15 nights
  • Diamond Membership – 25 stays or 50 nights
  • hyatt status chart

    Hyatt Platinum Status

    Platinum status doesn’t give a ton of useful benefits. The most useful thing might be premium internet and a higher chance of getting a late check out. It’s nothing to write home about.

    Hyatt Diamond Status

    hyatt diamondIn my opinion, there’s really only one worthwhile status with Hyatt, and it’s not only worthwhile, people are fanatic about it. In terms of free nights it’s not the best, as it only earns 30% more points. But there are many great benefits that are above and beyond most other hotel chains.

    Here are some of the benefits explained in more detail:

  • 4 Suite Upgrades annually

  • 4 suite upgradesAs a Diamond benefit you get 4 suite upgrades that can be used on paid stays. In terms of suite upgrades it’s probably the best and least restrictive of guaranteed upgrade benefits. As soon as you book a paid stay, as long as there is a suite open, you can use a suite upgrade certificate as soon as you book the room, for stays up to 7 consecutive nights.

    As discussed in the section on redeeming Hyatt points, figuring out what suite you would get is pretty easy.

    1) Go to the hotels website
    2) Click “rooms” tab
    3) Click “suites” tab on right
    4) The first suite listed is the standard suite you’d upgrade to.
    Excludes: Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Resort , Park Hyatt Sydney, Andaz Tokyo, Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort, Hyatt Regency Tulsa, Hyatt Regency Wichita, Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa, Hyatt Manila City of Dreams, Hyatt Santa Barbara, Hyatt Place , Hyatt House , Hyatt Residence Club properties or M life resorts.

  • Club Lounge Access

  • lounge access hyattLike most nice hotel chains Hyatt gives its top tier members access to the “club lounge”. Like most club lounges they have evening cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and breakfast as well.

  • Breakfast

  • free breakfastIf there is a lounge, you can have breakfast in the lounge, although some properties may allow you to have breakfast in the restaurant.

    However, if there is no club lounge, you are guaranteed breakfast in the restaurant (and you’d get 2,500 points as compensation for the lounge being closed).

  • United Club Lounge Passes

  • 2 united passesA new benefit (starting March 1, 2015) is that Diamond members get 2 United Club Lounge passes annually.

  • Gifting Your Status Benefits

  • gifting a friendAnother newly added benefit is that Hyatt Diamond members can book award nights for family and friends and know that your benefits will be passed on. Even though you aren’t there, the guests will still receive upgrades (when available), lounge access, and all the goodies.

    There are many other benefits, like late checkout, and a welcome gift… but the benefits above seemed to warrant more of an explanation.


    Status Matching + Fast Tracks


    Challenge to Platinum Status

    status matchIf you have status with another chain it may be possible to email Hyatt and see if they will status match you to Platinum. Although off and on Hyatt offers challenges to status where you can just call and they’ll upgrade your account to Platinum for 60 days, and if you complete 6 nights during that time you can keep the status for the year. This isn’t a big deal as Platinum status isn’t a big deal.


    Diamond Challenge

    diamond challenge

    Once upon a time Hyatt was offering a “trial” Diamond status where you could just call and sign up for Diamond status for 60 days. While these days are long gone, the challenge has been brought back and modified.

    Nowadays you can take the Hyatt Diamond Challenge and you just don’t get the status until after you complete it.

    How it works:

  • Call Hyatt and ask for the Hyatt Diamond Challenge
  • You have 60 days with Platinum status
  • In those 60 days you have to complete 12 nights to keep Diamond status
  • The offer for whatever reason comes and goes, so they may not have it after May, but it never hurts to ask.

    M-Life in Vegas & Hyatt Partnership

    Hyatt has a partnership with M-Life so that you can redeem your points and have status in their Vegas hotels.

    Hyatt gets you the following MLife Status
    Screen Shot 2015-03-09 at 1.11.56 PM

    Then you can check out MLife status benefits here.

    A Platinum Member (the status you get with the credit card) would get you MLife Gold. This would get you benefits in the Casino’s rewards program, possible upgrades, line passes at the buffet, and discounts at entertainment.

    As someone who isn’t a Vegas regular, the status isn’t all that great. But the good news is that you have the option to use your hotel points for hotels in Vegas… Although it’s hard to imagine paying that many points when Vegas is so cheap. But I wanted to mention that the option is there.

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    1. “In those 60 days you have to complete 12 nights to keep Diamond status”
      – Do nights booked with points count toward the 12 nights?
      – If I already have nights booked in the near future but have not signed up for the challenge yet, will those nights count? Or do I need to cancel and rebook those nights?


      • Pure award nights do not count.
        Cash + points should.
        You do not need to rebook, you simply need to complete 12 nights during the 60 days, regardless of when they were booked.

    2. Is there any kind of code or trick to the Diamond status match? I called and was told by the regular customer service line that they did this in 2014, but there is not one for 2015. The guy’s exact words were “I tell people to maybe check back in May to see if we do it again.” I know you said it comes and goes, but was just checking based on the date of the article. Thanks!

    3. Hi Drew, I get that the regular Diamond status criteria is 25 stays within a calendar year. But then how long does it last once achieve? Maybe you’ve covered this and I missed it? For example, if we’d ask for the challenge — and pass the threshold w/n 60 days — would the Diamond Status last for full year thereafter, or just til the end of the current calendar year? Similarly if we’d just hit the 25 stays in a year, say by September? Would the status then be good for a year, or just a quarter?

      • Scott, do you have an answer to your question? I will hit Diamond status soon and was wondering if it is immediate or I wait until the next calendar year?


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