Best Hotel Rewards Program [InfoGraphic]

Update: The InfoGraphic now reflects the details of the best rewards programs for 2015, including the T&L Top 500 hotels for 2015.

What makes the best hotel rewards program (or best hotel “loyalty” program) is made up of a combination of status perks and rewards. I.e. How many free nights you earn, how global the chain is, food, etc…

If you’re committing yourself to a hotel chain and their rewards program, you need to know exactly what you will get out of it, or what you could get out of it. This infographic compares all the hotel loyalty programs visually, and shows exactly which is the best program for your needs!

best-hotel-rewards-program 2015

An infographic by Drew and Caroline at Travel is Free

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Each person’s needs are completely different. One needs to travel to many cities across the world in farflung places, and others tend to need stays in only a few cities for long periods of time. If you’re more of the latter, just make sure that the chain you want is in those key cities. If you’re a constant globe trotter, you might need a more global chain.

And some don’t care about earning free nights because they only travel when work pays for it. These people may want to look at perks like free breakfast and club lounge access, and see how many nights one would need to stay to earn those perks.

Someone who travels out of his/her own pocket, like ourselves, wants free nights from hotel points.

One thing not really shown in this infographic is that how generous a hotel is in their quarterly promotions can change these numbers a lot. IHG gives big promotions and Hilton does not, for example. This would give IHG a huge edge, but unfortunately each promotion is so different from quarter to quarter, and year to year, it would be impossible to chart.

Still, I hope you find this infographic takes the incredibly complex hotel rewards programs and compares them with (hopefully) simple graphics. Find what you need in a hotel rewards program and hopefully, this makes it clear which hotel chain/status delivers.

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29 Responses to Best Hotel Rewards Program [InfoGraphic]

  1. Sarah says:

    Drew, just wanted to say I love your site and the content you share! So helpful that your tips are useful for the average person and you don’t just push credit cards!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to our favorite hotel brand, Kimpton. They are only in a few US cities, but the perks to their membership program are great, even without status. If you work their promotions right (passport rewards + InTouch), it’s definitely possible to get about 25% of your nights free.

    • Drew Macomber says:

      Yea, Kimpton seems to be growing in reputation. I really hope they expand in the next few years. Could be the Virgin Airlines of the hotel industry. Thanks for sharing and reading!

  2. PedroNY says:

    Great info graphic, thank you for pulling all of your information together and making it easy to review and share!

    Any reason why AMEX Hilton card and AMEX Surpass Hilton card didn’t make it on your final graphic? You get Silver and Gold with each card just by keeping it open as well.



    • Drew Macomber says:

      Well, I contacted each of the hotel chains in the making to verify info and all that Jazz. Guess this is how Hilton wants it.

  3. Christian says:

    I’ve seen a couple of attempts at using graphics to compare the factors in various hotel loyalty programs, and I have to say that yours is hands down the best. Very nicely done. It’s clean, concise, and has a lot of pertinent information.

    • Drew Macomber says:

      We had no idea another hotel loyalty infographics were out there… But I’m glad we’re the best. :-D

      Carrie is an artist!

  4. Colleen says:

    Wow! What a lot of time and thought this must have taken. And the fiddling around to get the best arrangement of data. Thanks for your effort. I’ve got to go find a printer

    • Drew Macomber says:

      You’re not kidding! It was also a bit of learning, hopefully we’ll be able to produce them faster next time. But this took… Let’s just say, multiple multiple devaluations happened in the making. :-p

  5. Ed says:

    A few things:
    1) Great infographic! The following isn’t criticism, just suggestions for improvement and/or completeness, and only because I love this stuff as much as you do.
    2) Club Carlson Concierge gives breakfast. Yes, it’s a continental breakfast, but that’s all you’re really entitled to with Hilton as well. Heck, Hilton can even opt to give you 3,000 points instead of breakfast if they want.
    3) I echo the suggestion to add the Hilton AMEX cards.
    4) While it’s not a hotel card, the Platinum AMEX gives SPG gold … and a whole lot more, so maybe it’s worth a mention?
    5) The Hilton Reserve VISA gives an annual weekend night if you spend $10k. Since you mention other perks that require spend requirements, and mention free nights, that might be worth including.
    6) I have no idea how you’d quantify the Carlson “last night free” benefit on multi-night stays, but that’s such a great benefit that it tips the scales for me in many cases, so it’s also worth mentioning.

    • Drew Macomber says:

      I believe Club Carlson is properly labeled with that benefit.

      Good note about the Plat card. Doesn’t really fit in the infographic as it’s not the hotel card. But worth mentioning in info about SPG.

      Yea, we may edit in the Hilton Amex cards.

      Yea, I thought about that benefit too. It’s confusing enough to word, that i just left it out. Maybe I should link to other posts on the subject for each program.

  6. Ron says:


    The most useful graphic is missing – what hotels cost via MS.

    Carlson would be the lowest cpp due to 5x everywhere, but limited amount of mostly low end properties doesn’t make for much more than a roof over your head. I’ll spend a modest additional amount to stay at far better property.

    Hilton has the best all-around bang for the buck with 6x at grocery. Add in large property list (with true top tier Conrad’s etc), easy to obtain useful status and it’s hands down my favorite.

    Hyatt is good for top tier properties if you have Ink 5x. But with difficulty MSinf with demise of $500 gcs, andtheir devaluation, they are no longer top value for top tier.

    • Drew Macomber says:

      That would be an awesome infographic on it’s own! lol

      But the fees might depend on skills and tricks you have.

  7. Ron says:

    One thing we can all agree on is that SPG is the worst loyalty program.

    • BW says:

      I beg to differ, it totally depends on your travel habits. For folks constantly traveling on an expense account, SPG is the way to go. There is a reason why all the road warriors at consulting companies stay at SPG whenever possible. There have been many models built comparing all the hotel programs, SPG always comes out ahead – with Hyatt a distant second.

      Having worked in the hospitality industry doing strategy work. It is widely known that SPG caters to a completely different crowd than the typical leisure traveler. They have a complete lock down on the high room rate – high travel market.

      For example, for those lucky enough to have expense accounts. With top tier status, credit card, green choice, welcome bonus, and periodic promotions. One can get 10 points per dollar at SPG. At an average of 200-300 a night at these places plus room service, a typical 3-4 night stay nets you ~10,000 points a week. Enough for a night at a Cat 4 hotel, which charge 200-300 a night on average. Not bad netting $200-300 a week in hotel points for traveling.

      Each to their own.

      • Drew Macomber says:

        If my company (if I had one) was footing the bill, the St. Regis wouldn’t be that bad, for sure. But if you value price paid to free nights earned, it’s infinitely more terrible than the others. And it’s not like it has more top hotels than Hyatt.

        • Scottrick says:

          Fortunately you actually counted things, so we can go with something more specific than “infinitely more terrible.” Let’s use Club Carlson as “others” since they offer the lowest cost per award night. And let’s assume someone is an elite member (75 nights) using a co-branded credit card.

          –Club Carlson Concierge member would earn 45 points per dollar and needs 70,000 for a top category award night. $1,555 spent to get a free night.
          –Hyatt Diamond member would earn 8 points per dollar and needs 30,000. $3,750 spent.
          –SPG Platinum member would earn 6 points per dollar and needs 35,000. $5,833 spent.

          The Hyatt customer must spend $2,195 more, and the SPG customer must spend $4,278 more. If we define “worse” as “How much more do I have to spend than the cheapest option?” then SPG is 275% more than Club Carlson and roughly two times as bad as Hyatt (141% more).

          Specifics vary depending on elite status and your choice of payment — and I think few would argue that SPG’s Cat 7 is on par with the best Club Carlson hotels — but it’s clearly not “infinite.”

          • Marcos says:

            It depends…I have the SPG Amex and here in Florida I can get some nice hotels (some Westin) for $3000 spending on the card on everything. Tell me about a “NICE” Club Carlton hotel…

        • KC says:

          As one of these road warriors who are not footing the bill for hotel stays, I can say many of my coworkers stay at SPG hotels and I do as well. SPG’s perception among this traveler is definitely that it is among the best hotel brands and programs. Their transfer partners help in this regard.

          This infographic just blew my mind though. I have already started to diversify (because I am not going to be traveling full time forever) and I want to be strategic about my point holdings. This infographic is absolutely amazing. I am planning a round of apps and this helps to decide which cards. Thanks!!

          BTW, the SPG Amex card itself only gives you 2x$ on SPG properties.

  8. mike f says:

    Love the info, just recently Club Carlson decreased their earning bonus at hotels to 15% for Silver, 35% for Gold and they left the Concierge level at 75% bonus per Dollar spent. They also do offer a modest discount on food at hotel restaurants of 5% for Red members, Silver 10% and a 15% discount for both Gold and Concierge members. I love the 2nd reward night free bonus which effectively can double the value of the points.
    Keep up the GREAT work! Thanks

    • Drew Macomber says:

      Thanks for the comment, somehow that got left out on the latest update. No idea how…
      Anyways, thanks!

  9. james says:

    Still no love on the infographic for the Fairmont CC?

  10. John says:

    Thanks for the great infographic. I think it is very informative and I might feature it on my infographic site.


  11. Jb says:

    Great stuff, as always. Does the inclusion of cash and points options change anything? Is it statically important enough to be graphed?

  12. Jen says:

    This is a great infographic, thanks for sharing it!

  13. Conrad Hilton says:

    Hilton with Points & Points top tier status should be higher.

    What you are missing is the distribution of hotels by tier. Hilton Tier 1 is faster to earn, but there are very few hotels in this category.

    Most expensive hotel is also different in that The Ritz-Carlon and St. Regis are much nicer than the most expensive Choice property. I wouldn’t even put Waldorf in that category as I consider them more like a Park Hyatt, JW Marriott competitor.

    Overall, great graphic.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Thank you for the update! This is definitely one of your posts (along with the maps) I reference most frequently when trying to remember program details, especially earning rates. Glad to know it’s all set for 2015 :-)

  15. Gisele says:

    There’s a lot of useful information on this graph. Thanks for creating it. I love your blog and have been following it for quite some time now but this is my first time posting.
    I’m getting ready to apply for a few more hotel cards soon and I’d love to use your links. However, I noticed that you only have a link for the SPG card. Would you please add links to the other cards also mentioned? Thanks!

  16. Vicky says:

    I have to say I love the visual presentation of this Information. I’m a SPG50 for the past 2 years all on my own dime and have to say you have confirmed what I suspected. I’m backing off SPG this year and will be giving Club Carlsson more love. CC may not be the ritziest but my feeling is most time it’s just a bed and if u want to travel in the Nordic countries they are often the only game in town.

  17. Brian says:

    I don’t actually accumulate many points through actual stays but through credit card spending for my businesses (roughly $300k legit spending a year) it would be interesting to compare this way- almost all non bonus categories so 300,000 Starwood points or 900,000 Hilton points for example- obviously a different question here but an interesting exercise too

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