Complete List of Airline Award Charts

This post is important to bookmark (not that I’m biased) because of the award charts that are unique to this site. There is no other complete Flying Blue award chart on the internet other than the one I’ve made here. I’ve never seen another Alaska award chart that compares all the airlines side by side. I’ve never seen a side by side Delta award chart. So the first reason reason to bookmark it is because otherwise you can’t get some of these award charts.

Secondly, some of these airlines have multiple award charts and it’s not always clear which one to use. Here, I’ll try to make that clear.

Click on one of the airlines to be taken to the award chart(s):

* = charts we made

American Airlines OneWorld Award Chart

AA Oneworld Award Chart

American Airlines chart within

American Airlines Award Chart

AA Award Chart


United Star Alliance/Partner Award Chart

United Partner Award Chart


United Award Chart

United Award Chart

British Airways Avios Award Chart

British Airways Avios Award Chart OneWorld


Air Canada’s Aeroplan Award Chart

Aeroplan Chart



Alaska Partner Award Chart


Flying Blue Award Chart*

Flying Blue Award Chart


ANA Award Charts

Star Alliance Award Chart

Round the World award chart

ANA Award Chart


Korean Air Award Chart*

Korean Air Award Chart

List of Korean Air region definitions listed here (at bottom)


Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Award Chart*

Singapore Airlines Award Chart

Singapore Airlines Award Chart from North America

This one above is one I redid so it’s in an order us North Americans are used to. However here is the original:

Singapore Airlines Star Alliance Award Chart

Region defintions

Singapore Airlines award chart

For the Singapore Airlines award chart, only for flights on Singapore itself, click HERE. (It’s too much of a mess to post).

For other partners, click here to see other award charts.


Lufthansa / Miles & More Award Chart

Lufthansa Award Chart

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 4.19.26 PM


Malaysia Airlines Award Chart

Malaysia Airlines OneWorld Award Chart

Multi-carrier redemption on oneworld member airlines (for award flights on two or more oneworld member airlines).


Malaysia Airlines Enrich Award Chart*

Malaysia Airlines Enrich Award Chart

The above if for Malaysia Airlines flights.

Click here, for awards for other partners.


Asia Miles Award Chart

Asia Miles OneWorld Award Chart

Asia Miles OneWorld Award Chart

Cathay Award Chart



JAL OneWorld Award Chart

While I gave the “OneWorld” award chart and find it sufficient for most needs I’ll also include two others in links:



LifeMiles Award Chart

LAN Award Chart

LAN OneWorld Award Chart

LAN Award Chart

For LAN flights, click here for the award chart.


Alitalia Award Chart

Alitalia’s Sky Team Award Chart

Alitalia SkyTeam Award Chart

Click here to see other partners award charts (Etihad, Jet Airways, Malaysia, Qantas)


Delta Award Chart

Delta’s International Award Chart

Delta SkyMiles Award Chart

Click here for the Delta Miles Calculator for domestic flights.


Air Berlin Award Charts

Air Berlin’s OneWorld Award Chart for Multiple Airlines

AirBerlin OneWorld Award Chart

Air Berlin Partner Award Chart (with 1 partner airline)

Awards on Air Berlin

Second ticket on Air Berlin can be at 50% with a “Companion Ticket


Jet Airways

Jet Airways Award Chart


Links for other Award Charts:



I’ll add this to the “Resources” tab you see in the side bar. I hope it’s helpful and if you have suggestions, please let me know.

Some other resources to couple with this:

With these three posts, you have how you can earn, at what you rate you can redeem, and the basic rules for redeeming.

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  1. Thanks for the post, it’s nice to have all the charts in one place.

  2. You are the best! Thanks so much for all your hard work making these super detailed charts! I am getting ready to take my family around the world in the coming year and points are a big reason we can go. Your research has been invaluable in our planning. Thank you!!!!

  3. Drew, I think there’s something strange going on with that Aeroplan chart. I got really excited for a second that I had just discovered a new sweet spot between South America and, well, everywhere 😛

  4. Amazing! Great job and thank you.

  5. Solid post! Bookmarked!

  6. Thanks so much1

  7. Thanks Drew.
    But no Chinese airlines?

  8. aegean would be nice

  9. Thanks!
    I don’t think Alaska’s chart about Emirates-economy is accurate. I could’ve sworn its much less one-way.

  10. This information is amazing!
    I am new to reading your newsletter – what great info.
    Do you know which airlines give the best value for trading Marriott rewards points for miles? I am planning a trip to Europe and hope to get the most number of airline miles for my rewards points. I believe the value varies based on the airline.
    Thank you so much!

  11. Thanks so much!
    Your site is so useful – the best I have come across regarding free travel!!

  12. Will this be updated anytime soon, to reflect all the new point requirements? ?e.g.: BA no longer offers that stellar deal on short flights, etc.

  13. @travelisfree
    good stuff.
    do you have the new AA award chart anywhere?

  14. Hi,
    I am a little confused about the ANA chart. I thought they include Africa and Middle East as Europe? What am I missing?

    Thankyou for all of the good information you are giving all of us hackers! Its amazing and much appreciated.


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