Steps of the Target REDbird [Infographic]

UPDATE: This is now dead! Sorry.

Target and American Express have come out with a card similar to the Amex Bluebird, but the big difference is that you can load $5,000 a month with a credit card for free. You also have the ability to billpay credit cards and withdraw money for free as well. This is a free $5,000 a month spend. But here’s the process for loading the card.

redbird update3

Frequent Miler has a been a boss on the subject of testing out the Target REDcard. If you’d like to read more about the REDcard he’s calling “REDbird”, check out these posts:

The card isn’t in all stores yet, but it’s popping up all over. Also, if you get this card, you will have to shut down your Bluebird or Serve to have this, as they run on the same platform. It also means they have the same great billpay features.

Hope this one sticks around for while. Either way, it’s here now, and it’s completely free.

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  1. I’m a little confused with number 4. So can you still load your Redcard with a credit card today? If so, I was thinking of getting one for my wife since she doesn’t have a bluebird account.
    Also, is there any fees involved? I’m asking because i’m used to paying the $4.95 per gift card for $500. If it’s free that would be amazing!

    • Yes, you can still use credit cards today. Step 4 is just predicting a (hopefully very distant) future. In some places Target charges $5 when you first buy the REDcard, but in other places it is free. There are absolutely no fees for anything else. Free to load. Free bill pay. Free ATM withdrawals. It really is amazing.

    • Although my target lists as a grocery store, my credit card did not give the bonus for grocery stores, only the spend.

  2. This card has enticed me into MS. Here I go!!

  3. Another kick-butt Infographic from Travel is Free – thanks. (What program do you guys use to produce these?). Question – you say that RedCard has the “ability to billpay credit cards” … does “billpay” mean electronic payments only? I have Bluebird currently, which allows check-writing to any vendors who will not participate in 3rd party online banking ventures. These Payees will not accept electronic payments by Amex Serve, so they certainly would not allow the same from Target Prepaid RedCard. I can’t get a clear answer about the esoteric need for writing checks to enhance MS. Does the PrePaid Target RedCard provide this service?

  4. This is perfect timing! Thanks for another great infographic/article. Just did a round of apps last weekend (used your credit karma links for the ones I could) and looking to try my hand at some real MS (I have only done amazon up until now). Going to DC next week so shooting up to Maryland to pick up a card :-)

  5. Great infographic.

  6. Thanks for the info, Drew!

    Went out and got the card and loaded the $500 from a credit card (paid a one-time $5 activation fee). However, I can’t figure out step 2 to load the temporary card with a credit card. I click on Pay & Transfer -> Add Money but there is no link from there to add money via a credit card (just links to add funds via Direct Deposit, cash or Bank/Debit card — these only work after the card is activated).

    Any ideas on what to do? Thanks for your help!

  7. @Rich – You can load the registered temporary card with a credit card at any Target, even the ones that currently don’t sell the prepaid Red card. (I did that last night.)

    • Thanks, Tran! I physically went to Target and was able to get it to load but only up to $1K (for a total of $1500 on the card). Could not get $1500+ loads to work.

    • Right. You need to register and get the permanent card before you can load anymore.

  8. After the permanent card arrives, can you load prepaid GCs (converted to debit cards) as cash … online? Or only by visiting a Target?

  9. can I “billpay” friends or family like I currently do with serve or bluebird?

  10. So – wait, can I just load it with $5k per months and then withdraw it as cash with no fees? Rinse and repeat forever? This would mean 5K of points per months on the card I use to load, right? This can’t be that easy, can it? :-)

  11. Hi! If anyone is looking the get their hands on a Target Prepaid Red Card but do not live anywhere close to one, please feel free to contact me. I recently made another trip out to MD to grab a stack of them. Each one has been pre-loaded with a dollar. My fee is $25 per card.

    Once you make a payment to me (I prefer Venmo), I will email/text/call you with the card information for you to finish activating online and change your information. Once you have done that, your permanent card will be on it’s way to you, and the temporary card will be deactivated. I can, of course send the temporary card to you if you wish, however, it really isn’t necessary.

    Email is

  12. Hello, just a quick reminder that I still do provide temporary activated Redbird cards info via email for a small fee. I’ve done it for hundreds, see this fore details & reviews:

    In the next couple of days I will also update the guide to loading Redbird with gift cards, it will include step by step instructions on loading Redbird at registers with the new software after the POS upgrade:

  13. Well, I ended up writing a step by step guide on how to load gift cards to Redbird with the new Target registers (K8) on a separate post:

    If you’ve already loaded with the new POS, please take a look at my post and if you see something that I missed, or if you had a different experience, let me know via a comment there so I can update the guide. Thank you.

  14. Hi Drew,
    My understanding is this option is no longer available. if that is the case, what is your current MS method?


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