Free $120 in Uber Rides (for Couples)

The main concept for this post will be about the $30 for signing up for an account, but I just saw FrequentMiler’s post on Uber and a promotion there, so I’ll include that info in here too (even though I know all of you read him too).

When you signup via a refer a friend link (like mine right here), you and the person who refers you get a $30 ride. Notice that I didn’t say credit? Because it’s not a true credit to your account, it’s a credit to one ride.

What if your first ride is $25? Then it’s free, and you do not get a $5 credit left over. Up to $30 it’s free, and once you take the first ride, that promo credit is just gone regardless of the cost of the ride.

What if your first ride is $35? Then it will charge your credit card $5. If you go over the $30 credit, then it will charge your credit card the difference.

So if you sign up via my link you get a free $30 towards one ride. But you can then take that account and refer your spouse. Now you’ve had a free ride. Now your spouse and you both get a free ride from your referral.  That is three $30 rides for doing nothing but using Uber like they intended.


How to refer a friend to Uber?

It’s pretty easy. In the top left once you’re logged in, there is a “Free Ride”. You can get a link, Facebook it, Tweet it, or email it.

Why set it up now?

  1. The uber $30 refer a friend credit is as big as I’ve seen it.
  2. The app requires a phone verification, so don’t do that last minute. Not that it matters for most people, but we use FreedomPop, and Uber blocks wifi-based phone numbers.


Another $10 per Amex card

Update: This Sync deal is no longer up for enrollment, but if you already enrolled the offer is good until the end of the year.

Greg from FrequentMiler made me aware of a $10 Amex credit with Uber.

  1. You need to Sync this offer with your amex card. (Greg has details on multiple Amex Sync’s here).
  2. Sync with Twitter and Tweet “#AmexUber“.
  3. He says to make sure to double check they give the $10 credit after your ride.

Now remember, anything over $30 gets charged to your card. And Amex will deduct up to $10. And this is per Amex card. So you could have your card on your account, and your spouse on their card.

This means your first $30 ride, from me :-), could be $40 with an Amex card.
And you refer your spouse, who could get a $40 ride with another Amex card.
And you get credit after his/her ride and it could therefore be another $40 ride with another Amex card.

That’s a potential $120 of Uber rides. It’s $90 from referrals and $10 per Amex card.

Now understand that this is a statement credit from American Express and not uber. An Amex gift card, or the Amex AA card by Citi would not count. The statement credit comes from Amex.


What does $120 get you?

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.51.04 AM

Well, once you pick your city, you can get a quote. On the quote I always look at “uberX” which is the cheapest. “Black” is a black car that I think has some type of commercial certificate. SUV is an SUV (I assume), and given that it’s the two of us in NYC… a regular X is just fine.

Although, there are a number of times where Uber is a lifesaver. The best example is the transit between JFK and LGA which should be about $40 with uber. Otherwise the cheap public transit route is crazy and long. And the busses for two are really expensive. Uber with a $40 credit… seems as obvious as anything could possibly be as it will likely be completely free.

Another example like this is Denver.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.03.10 PM

Not loving the public transit from downtown Denver because of the time and price. So Uber. I did this from west Denver during a weekday and the price was totally on the bottom of the estimate. Very pleased.

Free $40 [new] cars from downtown to the airport for signing up for an account and then referring your spouse… as no brainer as it gets.

Here’s my link, and you can get one from the top left “Free Rides”. Try Tweeting yours out too. Can’t hurt.

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  1. Love the site, I even did your survey the other day. Also the Free Nights post was good. I tried the Uber link but the $30 is only for US rides it says, I’m an expat but live overseas. Have you tried it that way? Or is it definitely $30 for first ride only within US? Thanks

    • I remember seeing a referral code for a Canadian $25… My guess is that you need a local to refer. I’m sure you can make one of those. 😉

  2. Do you know what the expiration date of this $30 dollar offer is? My family will have a vacation this December. Not sure if this will still be valid then if I register now.

    • Not sure if there is one, but it’s gotta be a lot longer than december. I haves ones from a long time ago still in my account.

    • I thought that it was 6 months but on the uber credit it says “4/1/2014 12:00am UTC – 12/31/2020 12:00am UTC”

    • I just got mine, and it says it’s good for 1 year.

  3. Great Post, thanks for your work. I’m a travel hacker and purposefully chose to use your referral links for credit cards that I recommend to friends. Keep up the good work. An idea for a blog post… An index of which partners are not bookable on an airlines website, but can be booked over the phone. BA with Alaska Air.

  4. Thanks again for a great post.

    FYI: The Amex sync offer has reached it’s maximum redemptions.

  5. Thanks for your post. I just signed up using your link

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