Airline Alliances [Infographic]

What is an airline alliance? Many people don’t understand the concept when they first get started collecting frequent flyer miles.

This infographic will show:

  • Why alliances exist
  • What they do for you
  • Details on each alliance
  • Which airlines are in which alliance
  • And how to find award seats for each alliance

introduction to airline alliances

An infographic by Drew and Caroline at Travel is Free

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This is our visual explanation of airline alliances. Although people often ask which alliance they should fly, it’s not that simple. Generally, you fly/credit a specific airline frequent flyer program. But if a specific airline alliance obviously serves your routes or needs better, then it makes sense to pick an airline program based on an alliance.

In general though, an airline alliance makes a huge difference to the frequent flyer, as this dictates with whom you can use your miles and with whom you can earn.

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  1. Cool Infographic. A nitpick and a question, though.

    First – TAM isn’t part of Star Alliance anymore, and TAM and Sri Lanka are now part of OneWorld.

    Second – just curious what the two percentages actually mean — that the three alliances account for 77.1% of the market but only 44% of seat capacity. Those seem inconsistent, but I’m probably just interpreting the statements wrong.

    • Sri Lanka is the country, Sri LANKAN is the airline.

    • I’ve gone ahead and updated the TAM and Sri Lankan issues.

      Thanks for helping improve the infographic!

  2. Drew, these infographics as of late are pure gold. Thanks and keep it up!

  3. +1 to Jason’s comment. That’s for putting in the time on these.

    • Thanks for commenting!

  4. Nice work. Want to point out a typo. For Star Alliance, it should be Asiana not “Asian Airlines”

    • Thanks!
      Made the change.

  5. This is excellent, as all the other ones have been also.

    Do you plan to make a section of the website dedicated to the infographics? I’ve already sent the hotel one to a few friends, so it would be nice if I could just use one link.

  6. This infographic is waaay to short. I was looking forward to scrolling for several minutes.


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