MEME Up The Hyatt

So the other day, we’re going to the Hyatt. Using some free night certs from the credit card. I got my free nights booked and then I called for the Diamond challenge (upgrade, breakfast, and lounge access). This place is swank, let me tell you. And unfortunately, I look a bit like a bum.

Before I Check Into The Hyatt

Yes, I’m An Important Diamond Member

So, They Give Me A Suite With Multiple Rooms

Later, Someone With A Similar Room Says How Much They Paid

I Remember, Our First Time In A Lounge

But Now, When I’m At A Lounge

Check out was fine…

But They Accidentally Put Breakfast On The Bill

Don’t worry they took it off.

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9 Responses to MEME Up The Hyatt

  1. choi says:

    what Hyatt is this ? could you share in trip report please. Thanks

  2. Kim says:

    Love the gifs!

  3. Susan says:

    Hilarious!!!! Love this!

    • Drew Macomber says:

      I actually got the idea from my wife, who’s better than me at it.

  4. bostonwalker says:

    love this one! great job!

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