Who Wants To Pay For Adopting Kids? No Really!

Our family is on a journey that you can be a part of. We’re doing our own fundraiser for an adoption, and you should check out the video.

Rachel (Carrie’s sister) and her husband Zack are trying to make some kid’s dream come true… by giving them a home. Potentially two kids. They are in the process of adopting non-infant, special needs kids from Ukraine. Most likely between ages 5 and 7, it’s old enough that their likelihood of getting adopted has greatly decreased. Not to mention special needs children have statistically less of a chance of getting adopted as well.

However, adoption is painfully expensive. Like $25,000 per child, expensive!

It’s sad that doing such a noble thing with your life can be so expensive. Preventatively expensive.

So how can they afford to do this? They must be rolling in it?

Hardly. They don’t have tv (or cable), internet, a smart phone, new cars, or a lot material possessions. They are incredibly disciplined, especially when it comes to finances.

This is where you come in. We are posting this because we believe in them and this goal so much… but we also don’t have a lot to contribute, to say the least. Well, at least financially. Hopefully we can help with their airline tickets and fund-raising.

Then, we saw Ben’s kickstart to raise $25,000 for a flight on Etihads new “Residence” class – a 3 room suite in the sky. And we thought, “well, guess now’s the time.”

So in good fun, and in the name of charity, we’re holding a competitor fundraiser.

Here’s the thing: Kickstarter takes at least 5% and they don’t really allow charity things. So we’re making our own donation platform and seeing how much we can raise by June 1. (also when Ben’s Kickstarter campgain ends). The goal is $25,000, enough to cover the adoption of one child!

This is really a test to see if I’m overly cynical: Is it easier to raise $25,000 miles to read a review of a guy sitting in the most luxurious airline seat, or for adopting impoverished special needs children? (Even if I don’t use sales tactics and pictures of starving kids to guilt trip folks).

Donations and gifts:

  • Pledge $1 or more:
    Thank you! Name/Handle feature on a thank you page.
  • Pledge $10 or more:
    I will personally mail you a postcard from Asia or somewhere far away.
  • Pledge $50 or more:
    Webinar time. Join myself and others on a video chat about miles/points, and travel.
  • Pledge $100 or more:
    A little personal attention. An hour of one on one Skype time with Drew (aka… me).

  • Pledge $500 or more:
    All of the above. Plus, one award booking. Plus, dinner… if you happen to be in a city that we’ll be rolling through in the next year.

None of this goes to us. In fact it goes right into their adoption fund.

This is not just about Rachel and Zack. This is something Carrie and I really, really, really believe in and want to support. We hope to take care of their two (biological) kids while they are in Ukraine adopting their new family members and continue to support them as well as be a part of their lives. This is something we want to see happen, and even the smallest part anyone else will play will be incredibly meaningful to us.

Also, I note that I have no disrespect for Ben. He can fly where ever he wants, however he wants. It’s his business and people spend money on their own hobbies all the time. This is meant to spoof his efforts, not mock.

To give whatever you’d like:


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45 Responses to Who Wants To Pay For Adopting Kids? No Really!

  1. VerMagnusson says:

    Awesome. Happy to support this. Have some friends who went through the adoption process for their daughter from Kenya and it was expensive and stressful, but an incredible blessing all the way through

  2. Rachel says:

    The least I can do is to match what I donated to Ben! This is a great cause. Good for you.

  3. Todd says:

    This is such a given, you got it

  4. Mopani says:

    Thank you for focusing on something important & life-changing and not just a superfluous & hedonistic 7-hour endeavor.

  5. DaveS says:

    A class act and quite a contrast indeed! Thanks for what you’re doing here and best wishes.

  6. Dia says:

    As the sister of a girl adopted at 3 from China, I’m happy to support your effort. Thanks for restoring my faith in humanity.

    • Drew Macomber says:

      Thanks Dia. My brother and I were both adopted, so it’s close to me as well. Thanks for the support.

  7. KoolFatKat says:

    Great job, Drew, and good luck to the family!

  8. ABC says:

    I’m not familiar with kickstart. What happens if they don’t reach $25k? Will they still get what was raised or is it an all or nothing system?

    • ABC says:

      Sorry, I now realized that you have your own platform. Have the parents already started the process and are qualified by the Ukranian system to adopt children ?

      • Just wanted to confirm to see how far along the process they are. I’d like to donate but the amount I donate would vary based on this.

        • Carrie says:

          They are done with all but the final stage. That means all paperwork is filed and approved except for the final form that Ukraine reviews. Upon approval with that form they could get summoned very quickly with not much notice other than the rough estimate they’ve been given of when it will go through which is “this fall” sometime. They have been told to be ready to be accepted and summoned at that time.
          If it’s budget goals you’re referring to, well they are researching grants that could help them get the rest of the way. Based on what she was trying to raise online, she has 7,000 ish of the 20,000 she set out to try to earn online. (Based on the fundraiser set up on her own blog).

  9. Joe says:

    Just donated, although it looks like my PayPal is still linked to my expired University email. Your posts are well worth a bit of charity to a worthy cause.

    • Drew Macomber says:

      Thanks Joe. I’ll try to remember to use the email here when it’s done. Thanks much! Means a lot to the fam and us.

  10. John says:

    Hey drew! Is there a blog or website on which we can follow their progress?

    • Carrie says:

      Hey John, my sister does keep a general blog discussing all kinds of things and for the time being the main topic is about the adoption as well as the journey they’re taking in minimizing expenses, raising money, and other simple-living types of things.
      Thanks for asking!

  11. Angela says:

    Done! What a great way to support a good cause and my fav bloggers.

  12. HaleyB says:

    I’ll post this to a couple of special needs adoption groups. I’ll check out their blog as well, but also ask here, do they have any support from families that have already done this? I know a couple that adopted two older girls from that part of the world that may be a good resource. It is a long hard road, but I got a HS Graduation announcement for the older of the two this week!

    • Drew Macomber says:

      Thanks Haley. Actually, they do have a number of people in the community, I think. Plus, they go to these meetings and training. I think that part is required for what they are doing. Although, it seems as though a large part of their education is just reading.

  13. J. Clifton says:

    Happy to help. I get tons of great advice from this blog, so giving back only seems fair.

  14. sorry for being late, I was busy catching up with all the blog action. You should see a donation from my yahoo address. Glad to support this worthy cause. My greetings to your sister in law and her family. World is better with people like them!
    See you in July

  15. Kumar says:

    Done. I dont like to wait on good things happening fast:)

  16. Boon says:

    I am in, good for you.

  17. Happy to help and fingers crossed their family expands soon!

  18. Joey says:

    I think this is a very noble cause and I applaud Rachel & Zack for choosing to do this. I hope to adopt children someday as well but may I ask why they chose Ukraine? I just feel there are so many children here in the USA in need of a good and safe home as well.

    • Drew Macomber says:

      Good question. I’ll ask them that. I think a lot is just being compelled by something. And also the US system isn’t easier. One isn’t cheaper, as far as I know. So it’s just a matter of doing good when you’re compelled. But also, the system sucks there and a lot of the kids end up in prostitution and what not.

      Anyways, cool to hear that you yourself are compelled to adopt too. Obviously, giving an orphan a home is noble. Good for them and you.

  19. Ariana says:

    It’s good to see travel bloggers use their platform for a good cause. Best of luck with this!

  20. Elaine says:

    Just donated using the link and it went to Buttertub23…. Hope the money makes it to the right cause! Good luck!

  21. Wowzers, just wanted to send a little thanks to Carrie and Drew and everyone who has donated to our adoption! Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts! All of the facts above are pretty spot on, and I welcome any questions people have. We love talking about this subject and are very excited to have people take such an interest in our adoption and adoption in general. Our blog is http://www.zrmiller.blogspot.com – we post updates regarding our process there. Also, we post a lot about our various fundraising and penny pinching efforts. Thanks again, everyone!!!

  22. KennyB says:

    Happy to help. Every little bit counts, right?

  23. Caroline Vanalek says:

    Before I read your website I never realized how easy it was to accumulate miles. We just did the Southwest Chase cards in April, and last night I booked 6 “FREE” tickets – for $30 in fees and $198 in annual dues. These tickets we originally planned to spend about $1,800-$2,000 on! You are awesome. Happy to donate to a cause near to your hearts.

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