Completeish List of Airline Stopover Rules

Update: If you serious about learning about airline stopovers check out this List of Airline Stopovers.


Here is a list of the stopover rules for most all the airlines you could/would collect miles with. This includes many SPG and Amex transfers. I haven’t seen a list like this yet… but maybe I just wasn’t looking. This may not be a fun read, but it could be helpful information (at least I’m honest).

Quick prep for what you’re looking at. A stopover can be as long as you want, it’s basically a second destination.

An open-jaw is the portion of a ticket where the airline is not responsible for your transportation. Where you fly into one airport and out of another in a different location.

Stopovers are generally allowed on roundtrip tickets (allow a few exceptions noted) and may have other rules. Most importantly, most airlines do not allow stopovers on domestic tickets. On region based award charts, you generally have to change regions.

Many of the airlines within Asia have distance based award chards (the more you fly the more you’re charged) and thus allow more stopovers.

The main airlines:

Other airlines:

  • Air Berlin – 1 stopover on a two region award, and 2 stopovers on a three region award on a one way. 4 possible stopovers on a roundtrip. (One stopover within the origin zone and one within the transfer zone is permitted).

    Read more about the Best Use of Air Berlin miles.

  • Asia Miles – 4 stopovers on a roundtrip (they say 5 stopovers, but one is the destination).

    Read more about the Best Use of Asia Miles.

  • ANA – 3 Stopovers on a roundtrip (they say 4, but one is the destination).

    Read more about the Best Use of ANA miles.

  • Alitalia – 1 stopover on roundtrips.

    Read more about the Best Use of Alitalia miles.

  • Asiana – 4 stopovers on a roundtrip (they say 5 stopovers, but one is the destination).

    “Up to 5 stopovers including all destinations per award
    itinerary is allowed and only 2 stopover staying more than 24 hours is allowed per country. In the event that the itinerary is made up of domestic routes only, 2 stopovers per country is also allowed.

    One open jaw segment is allowed per award itinerary. 1 open jaw segment is regarded as 1 stopover. An open
    jaw segment is defined as entry via one city with a
    following departure from another city.”

  • JAL – Japan Airlines has at least the most poorly worded rules. I’ll leave those below but the gist is 7 stopovers and I’m pretty sure “surface sector” is code for open-jaw.
    • For each award, a maximum of 8 flight sectors excluding surface sector will be permitted in the whole itinerary.
      2 Japan domestic flight sectors can be included in the whole itinerary.
    • For each award, a maximum of 7 stopovers (a stay more than 24 hours or surface sector) are permitted in the whole itinerary.
      Stopovers within Europe are limited to 3 times.
    • For itineraries originating in Japan, stopover within Japan is not permitted.
    • “One city” can be included twice at the maximum for the whole itinerary, however stopover at “one city” is permitted once in the whole itinerary.
    • One surface sector is permitted in the whole itinerary.
    • A surface sector is counted to be “one stopover” regardless of the sojourn time.
    • The distance of the surface sector is included in the total distance of award itinerary.
  • LAN – 1 stopover or 1 open-jaw
  • Thai Airways – 1 stopover and 1 open-jaw (at “turn around” or origin).
  • GOL Smiles – 1 stopover in destination region.

Much of the information in the second half is take from Hidden Gem Airline Redemptions, which may have a little more info on fuel surcharges and what not.

But the important thing to know is:

1) What fuel surcharges are going to be passed on? And that depends on the airline you book on.

And 2) What are the prices of tickets in miles? And for that you need to look up the airline’s award chart. Again, I talk about some of this in posts referenced or the Hidden Gem post… but Dr. Google might give similar info.

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  1. US Air is and or or?

    • Or*. Thanks Andy.

  2. Another point is that Delta does allow the stopover plus open jaw on domestic trips as well.

    • Thanks, I’ll make a note of that. 😉

  3. For Alaska, do you imply there are ZERO stopovers on a RT? If so, and because the price of a RT is exactly 2x the one-way, then it could be silly booking a RT.

    • Didn’t mean to imply that. Just that you could get two stopovers on a roundtrip ticket.

  4. Great list! I appreciate all the work you did in putting this list together!

  5. Very helpful list. I am also wondering the stopover rules for Singapore Airline and Korean Air. Both are UR transfer partners and worth of considering.

  6. Awesome list – any chance you can update for the program changes this year?

  7. Have flight from Delhi to Seoul with stop at Narita Tokyo . Layover is 11 hours 15 min in day while going and 15 hours in night while returning. Could I get day stay while going and night stay while coming back at Tokyo. Airlines is Japan Airlines.

  8. Dear Drew.

    Could I ask for your help with planning our trip to Asia this winter. I would like to use the stopovers and open jaws to accomplish as much as possible on our rewards tickets.

    Your blog is helpful, but I am somewhat lost in the amount of information. It is probably because of some difficulty to process a lot of new information resulting from the stokes I have had.

  9. Staying in shanghai(pudong) arr. aprl. 22-2017 19.20
    the next flight to dps aprl 23 17.20.
    Should the China Eastern give me free hotel for I day?


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